Sunday, December 9, 2012

BTOOOM! 9-10: All In

BTOOOM! 9: The Strongest Player

Sakamoto and Himiko return to camp only to find that Taira is no longer alone. A new player who happens to be a doctor treats Taira's wound, thus, earning the latter's trust and later even Sakamoto's. But Himiko remains suspicious. What all three don't know is that the new guy is Date, the same doctor that betrayed Murasaki on the island six months ago. As a gesture of trust, Sakamoto tells Date about their plan to collect seven chips and sabotage the helicopter. He also reveals that they already have three chips in their collection. This spurs Date to join their group, thinking that all three of them totals to six chips. Later, at the food drop, Sakamoto has to fight a strong player for the right to one of the trunks. Date helps somewhat but also nearly kills Himiko in the process. The incident increases Himiko's suspicions but she wisely keeps them to herself for now. Meanwhile, Sakamoto nearly falls for a trap set up by a player, who surprisingly knows him by name.

Ah. Things are finally picking up and all the important players (including even that psychopathic kid) are coming to a head. The next few episodes should be interesting.

BTOOOM! 10: High Level

Sakamoto survives the trap, to Himiko's huge relief. But the event triggers Sakamoto's memory of an old school friend of his, Oda. The guy was an ace -- popular, good at sports, good in academics -- but for some reason, he used to hang out with Sakamoto all the time. That was, until Oda slept with Aiko, a girl that Sakamoto liked. The incident created a rift between them. In the present, Sakamoto decides to look for medicine for Taira's wound at the abandoned building. On their way there, Himiko finally voices her suspicions about Date's character. Sakamoto, however, continues to believe Date, adding that to survive on this island they have to trust people. To his utter discredit, Sakamoto completely falls for Date's trap. He had set up a remote-controlled BIM inside the trunk which he made Sakamoto carry. Himiko tries to warn him but she may be too late.

Idiot Sakamoto. So glad Himiko isn't the airhead she appears to be. And wow, Oda, how did you get from clean-cut white-side wall to long hair and tattoos. Oh, I know. You became a host and then a club owner. lol Date and Murasaki showdown, coming up! Why do I have a feeling the two of them are just going to take each other out?