Monday, December 10, 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest 10: How to Make a Time Machine

Evangeline fights Natsumura in order to buy the military some time to get air support. Her efforts are not in vain as fighter jets soon arrive to bombard the barrier over the Tree of Zetsuen. Sensing that the barrier can't hold, Tetsuma tries to hasten the ritual by diverting the magic of the second and third barrier to the awakening of the tree. Junichiro also arrives at the scene to a shocked Natsumura.

Meanwhile, within the forest, Yoshino hypothesizes that there is no time paradox and that everything is just an elaborate plot by the Kusaribe Clan to trick Hakaze and the world' logic. According to him, Samon merely put Hakaze to sleep for two years before sending her to the desert island. This means that Hakaze's count of only four months being on the island is correct and that she is in fact in the present timeline. He also explains away the skeleton as being a mere prop created with magic. The theory is convincing enough to lift Hakaze out of despair and cast some doubt on Samon's claims, forcing him to prove the existence of a time shift. He does this by getting Hakaze to carve a word of Yoshino's choosing on the barrel. The same word "Ariel" appears on the barrel in the present timeline, thus, proving Samon correct. However, Samon's suspicious behavior as well as the fact that Hakaze's voice is able to travel through time makes Hakaze and the boys think that there is a way to make her body travel through time.

Another talk-y episode. Did it really have to take that long to explain all that? I mean, the episode title is "How to Make a Time Machine." I came into this episode fully expecting that Hakaze will already travel through time and face Samon once for all. But no, they had to drag out the whole thing. Now we have to wait another week to find out if Hakaze will ever be able to get off that damned island.
Meanwhile, I don't give a flying fudge what Junichiro or Natsumura or Evangeline is up to.