Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jormungand PERFECT ORDER 10-11: The Best Laid Plans

 Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER 10: New World Phase 1

Koko meets up with Dr. Minami in South Africa to open the Marchen, a robotics toy factory that both of them built from their own dreams. Chocolate, who has been tailing Koko's group, reports the whole thing to Scarecrow who in turns informs Bookman of the new development. Bookman believes that Koko is planning something big and has Scarecrow look into Koko's activities more closely. Koko urges Minami to keep their plan a secret as they are very close to accomplishing it. Jonah and Karen go out for a walk with Minami where Jonah asks the latter what she is planning with Koko. Minami stays true to her word to Koko and keeps mum about the topic. Before Koko leaves, she gives in to Minami's request to name their project and Koko names it Jormungand. Later, Minami meets with Curry, who wants in on whatever Minami has with Koko but Minami demurs. While Karen gives Mildred the beating of her life, Curry considers pulling out of the arms dealing business all together.

Meanwhile, Koko meets with Amalia, who like Curry, is interested in Koko's secret project. She shows Koko her new technology while pressing Koko to let her in on the secret. In the Philippines, Kasper makes a speech about the launching of HCLI's newest satellite network, the Hekmatyar Global Grid which would help their clients to greatly improve their logistics. Bookman and Hinoki are not particularly pleased by the announcement. Meanwhile Jonah observes that Koko doesn't even listen to Kasper's speech. He later comments that even though he has been traveling with Koko for a while now, he still doesn't understand her character.

I do not understand what is going on. Where are the explosions and the guns? Come on, Jormungand, don't be so high-brow.
 Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER 11: New World Phase 2

A quantum physicist, Elena Baburin, is kidnapped with all her military guards wiped out by Koko and her team. Bookman realizes that Koko is responsible for the kidnapping and that the incident has something to do with Marchen. A subsequent investigation on Koko's finances reveals that Koko has been liquidating her assets and funneling them all to Marchen, and keeping it a secret even from HCLI. At Dulles Airport, Bookman and Hinoki warn Koko that is under watch but she defies them both. While Koko meets with a Japanese executive that specializes in making robotic parts, Lutz voices his concerns over Koko's suddenly aggressive tactics. Valmet has noticed the change as well but she confirms that she still believes in Koko.

Meanwhile, Chocolate who is still tailing Koko loses track of her, leading Bookman to figure out that Koko's next target is Rabbit's Foot, a notorious hacker and political activist, who is detained in Camp No in Guantanamo Bay. With this new information, they surmise that Koko's plan is to build a Quantum Computer. Koko and her team are preparing themselves for Rabbit's Foot's extraction when Lutz questions Koko's true intentions. Although Koko refrains from answering, all of her guards reaffirm their commitment to her. Much later, Hinoki meets with an NSA agent who informs him of that Bookman is on to Koko's plan and that they are moving Rabbit's Foot to another location with orders for her escort to kill anyone who tries to come after them.

Ah, there we go. The gun play. But I'm thinking we're up some grand finale next week.