Thursday, October 29, 2015

Subete ga F ni Naru 2-3: A surprising turn of events

EPISODE 2: Azure Encounter

The whole gang -- and by gang, I mean the lab rats -- go on a company outing. Nishinosono invites herself to the event despite the fact that she's just an intern and shocks her co-workers with a display of her wealth. While in camp, Nishinosono and Saikawa discuss Dr. Magata with the former baiting the latter once again. Nishinosono agrees to let Saikawa go with her to her personal meeting with Dr. Magata, who is living in isolation in a secure facility on an island. They are met on their way there by the Vice Director, who explains how the facility works. While there, Nishinosono pretends to have a headache in order to be allowed to enter the facility. However, her ruse is found out by the Vice Director, who is nonetheless cool about it. Their casual conversation is interrupted by a power outage. Something goes wrong with the programming of the facility's security features. While the staff tries to fix the problem, the door to Dr. Magata's room suddenly opens and out comes a figure in white, seemingly gliding in the air. The staff is terrified due to the fact that Dr. Magata had murdered her family as a child. In a flashback scene, a young Dr. Magata is seen going on a car ride with the Director of the facility and her actions seem to suggest that she is trying to seduce him although he is married.

EPISODE 3: Red Magic

The power comes back on and the system resets. It is revealed that the white figure is Dr. Magata. Nishinosono and Saikawa try to approach but are deterred by a strong, rotting smell. Just then, another member of the facility's staff arrives and, after he is told that Dr. Magata is out of her room, the staff member investigates the body. He concludes that Dr. Magata is dead, her arms and legs severed. He also deduces that the killer could still be inside her room, prompting them to immediately lock her room. They attempt to call the police but the place has no signal and no cellphone service. Fortunately, the facility's director is arriving any minute now on a helicopter with Dr. Magata's younger sister, Miki. When the helicopter arrives, the Vice Director tells him about Dr. Magata's death and to call the police from the helicopter's radio. Meanwhile, Miki disembarks from the helicopter and she is escorted in by Saikawa, Nishinosono and the Vice Director. Miki is allowed to look at Dr. Magata's body and she looks understandably shocked. Saikawa and Nishinosono try to figure out what happened and who killed Dr. Magata. It is mentioned that with Dr. Magata dead, the only living relative of the Magata family left is Miki. And if the killer is after the Magata family, she could be next. While Saikawa and Nishinosono look for clues and analyze the facts, the Director is found dead in the helicopter with his throat slit. In a flashback scene, a young Dr. Magata successfully seduces the Director while they are on a cable car ride with fire works in the background.

This just became interesting. I can't believe the body the summary was talking about belongs to Dr. Magata. Damn. It's definitely a surprising turn of events and just made the show doubly interesting. I mean, I am still annoyed by the forced romance between Saikawa and Nishinosono mainly because I see Nishinosono as a spoiled ditz. But this episode showed me a different side of her: she is smart and has good analytical skills. Hmm.
I also found it strange that Dr. Magata seemed fixated on Nishinosono's attraction to Saikawa. Indirectly, Dr. Magata seems interested in Saikawa, who has admitted to being obsessed with Dr. Magata.
I wonder if Dr. Magata is not really dead and she just faked her own death. She's certainly smart enough to do it. At the moment, that is my guess for the murderer in this whodunnit anime.