Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kowabon 3: Office Girl


An office girl works alone late. The lights flicker but she does not seem too bothered by it. A television set behind her turns on by itself. At that moment, her cellphone rings. A friend calls her to ask if she's still at the office. She answers that she'll be home soon. The friend asks what the noise is and she says that it's the television. After she ends the call, the TV suddenly clears, showing footage of the office hallway. She sees someone pass by. Paying no heed to it, she goes back to desk, but the computer monitors all around her turn on by themselves, freaking her out. The lights also gradually turn off until the office is engulfed in darkness. The office girl stares at the TV but turns as various dark shadows appear around her. She screams.

Okay. The scare factor here is the idea of working late and being alone in the office. I've done that several times and I've heard some scary stories about a black lady that lives on the floor just below our office. Freaky. Of course, I've never actually had any unusual encounter in all my late nights beating deadlines. So yeah. I enjoyed this.