Monday, July 10, 2017

Ballroom e Youkoso 1

Tatara Fujita is a junior high student who does not have any plans for the future. One day, after yet another fruitless talk with his adviser regarding his plans after high school, he accidentally overhears a teacher talk with another student, who likewise does not seem to have any plans for the future. On his way home from school, he is accosted by a group of bullies from school but is saved from the encounter by a tall dude on a motorcycle. The dude introduces himself as Kaname Sengoku, a pro competitive dancer who works as an instructor for a newly opened dance studio. At said dance studio, Fujita meets Shizuku, the same student whom he thought was just like him. But she turns out to be a talented amateur competitive dancer.

Sengoku and his female friend, Tamaki, who helps run the studio for him, invite Fujita to attend their dance classes. That evening, Fujita watches some videos of a dance competition which Sengoku won. The sight of all the dancers inspires something in Fujita so that the next day, he impulsively signs up for dance classes. He blurts out that he wants to be a pro just like Sengoku, which piques the man enough to begin teaching him The Box, telling him to keep on it until he tells him to stop. Fujita takes him literally at his word and practices the movement all through the night.

The next day, Shizuku finds him still practicing and tries to partner with him. Fujita, however, becomes too embarrassed and literally wilts in front of her. The resulting commotion wakes Sengoku up, leading to his discovery that Fujita has been there since yesterday, practicing. After telling him to stop, Fujita excitedly wonders if Sengoku is going to teach him another movement.

Well, first off, I think someone from the art and design team of One Piece is on board. The art style is similar. Second, I like it. The subject matter is not unusual but the setting and the background is definitely something new. I know that the trend in anime these days seem to deal with sports with the most recent one being ice skating. I think there's even a gymnastics one this season. I don't know why this is so or whether it has anything to do with the coming Tokyo Olympics. But it's a nice change of pace. 
Fujita is a typical aimless teenager who has a chance encounter which leads to him making unexpected choices. Pretty straightforward plot. There's even the interesting girl who provides a romantic subplot as well as opens the way for the boy to consider another way of life. Not sure about the other characters. Sengoku seems like an atypical mentor figure with his issues. Tamaki is a blank slate as of now. Curious to know what her relationship to Sengoku is. 
All in all, a good start.