Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan 1

Roberto Nicholas and Hiraga Josef Kou are Vatican Miracle Examiners who are called to investigate a reported miracle at a small church in South America. The miracle consisted of a nun who claims to be having an immaculate conception. However, Roberto and Hiraga's superior also tells them to watch out for a satanic cult that may be forming in the same church.

Roberto and Hiraga travel to South America. There they find out that the church also has an attached dormitory for a boys' school as well as a state-of-the-art hospital. When they go see the nun at the hospital, they are surprised to find that she is manifesting stigmata. Medical examination shows that she is indeed pregnant but doesn't look to have had intercourse. She also seems to believe that she is having immaculate conception, which the church tried to hide at first but she herself wrote that letter to the Vatican.

Later at dinner, Roberto and Hiraga meet the rest of the church's priests and nuns. Something weird is definitely going on as though the church is hiding something. Hiraga examines the church's financial documents and finds out that the church is making far too much money for its size. They also interview the church's security guard who has seen something strange but he keeps silence in the face of the church's Father Klaus Beck. The next day, Roberto and Hiraga find themselves witness to another miracle: The statue of the Virgin Mary is crying.

Seems like a pretty straightforward mystery. I'm not particularly drawn to it but maybe it will get better in later episodes as more are revealed. The art style, which looked good in pictures, doesn't translate too well in animation. A satanic cult behind a seemingly peaceful small but prosperous church. An evil nun. An innocent pregnant one who thinks she's having the immaculate conception. And secretive priests. It all sounds a bit too cliche. And I'm not sold on any single detail. The opening and the ending themes are nothing to write home about. Even the main characters, Roberto Nicholas (who is probably a little gay) and Hiraga Josef Kou are pieces of cardboard. Nothing leaps out. So I don't know if I can bother to watch 2 more episodes.