Monday, January 26, 2009

Marimite 4th 04: Lol Pizzahut!

Look forward to: the tea party! Shouko! (wth is she???) Sachiko *vexed* ! the kendo tournament!!!! Eriko being awesome! Sei and Youko are doing the nasty together! No, that last bit is just my over-heated imagination. Gomen.
EPISODE 04: Future Soeur
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Yeah, so Yoshino and Rei are eating the product placement for this episode. Take a wild guess! And while they do, Yoshino relates how excited she is about the little sister orgy, I mean, TEA PARTY the next day. Rei being Rei, she's happy that Yoshino's happy. Then Rei nonsequitors that her opponent in the upcoming kendo tournament is some girl named "Tanaka." To make her feel better, Yoshino goes down on her, I mean, comes up to her and gives her a cousinly hug. What is wrong with me?
And the next day, it's the Little Sister Orgy! Everybody's excited and a number of prospects turn up, but none of them seem to be little sister material. Either they are hyperactive fan girls or calculating bitches. Just who is this Shouko? Enlighten me. She looks like Shimako the Younger. Oh, and she's not bitchy, btw. Just honest to the point of rude. She's the upstart first-year who wrote in her application that either Yoshino or Yumi would do for her. Apparently, she just wants to be in the Yamayurikai. Yumi is all: "Dude, you can't do that! Like, there are stuff, of which I am not at liberty to tell, that you must do for the Rosas. For example, I'll give you a clue: mayonaise and thongs!"
In the end, neither Yoshino nor Yumi find soeurs at the tea party. But they do manage to recruit five first years to help out at the Rose Mansion in the meantime. Sachiko is pleased to hear this, because even if they're not officially inducted into her harem yet, that doesn't mean they're not, you know, fair game. But when said first year arrives late for the ritual gang rape, Sachiko is beyond vexed, while Yumi is all "Well, I guess it's handcuffs again tonight ~" So anyway, all the first years turn out to be duds so Yoshino is reduced to hoping against hope that Eriko has forgotten about the whole thing. Wishful thinking, it turns out, because Eriko has far from forgotten. In fact, she is looking forward to it, and has even invited a couple of friends to the tournament -- Sei and Youko!!! Look, they're even holding onto each others' arms like an old married couple. Awww....
Eriko is so awesome this episode -- she's saucy, self-contained and very, very on to Yoshino's game. Poor Yoshino! She's reduced to hiding and making up excuses just to avoid seeing Eriko gloat over her. Meanwhile, the Rosas have made up a game called "Guess Who's Yoshino's Little Sister from the Crowd!" Sei picks out Mami while Youko points to Noriko. Both of them are wrong (morons) which leaves only Eriko and she picks a girl who looks amazingly like her. (oh, and btw, Touko and Kanako are also on the bleachers. so cute those two, they should get together. it'll be like david and goliath only with their personalities switched)
It's now Lillian's turn at the match. Rei, together with her team, make their entrance at the gym, Yoshino trailing behind and not even willing to look at the bleachers where she just knows Eriko is there. Unfortunately, she looks, sees Eriko waiving at her, and goes "Crud." It's not a good day for Lillian's kendo team as their members lose one match after another, until finally it's Rei's turn against the Tanaka person. I have never seen girls kendo fighting so I was surprised by the amount of screaming. Then, when it looks like Rei is going to lose, Yoshino joins the screaming, thereby bolstering Rei's confidence just in time to overpower the Tanaka girl and win the match. Yay! But after the tournament, Yoshino doesn't even stop to congratulate Rei as she quickly runs away in order to avoid Eriko.
But, like I said, Eriko is soooo on to her. She sees Yoshino, follows her, and has a hell of a time to get the girl to squirm. Yoshino LIES and says that her imaginary little sister is in the bathroom. Then while Eriko digests this latest piece of fabrication, Yoshino splits. She would have made it out of there too if she hadn't bumped on a girl at that moment and literally falls, not for her, but on the floor. The fall causes Yoshino to drop her rosary, which the girl obligingly picks up, and by coincidence, Eriko arrives just as the girl hands Yoshino back her rosary. Caught in a compromising situation, Yoshino LIES again and says that the girl is her little sister so Eriko calls her up on her bluff by pressing her to prove it by giving the girl her rosary. Yoshino naturally hesitates so the girl comes up for her, saying that due to her peculiar circumstances, she can't accept the rosary. Eriko takes this in again with that awesome face and leaves, but not before commenting on the girl's uniform. After Eriko is gone, Yoshino breathes a sigh of relief but only for a short while as the girl -- whose name is Arima Nana, btw -- tells her that Eriko already found out. Yoshino is all "WTF?" To which Nana only replies by pulling up her shirt and OHMYGOD WHAT? Oh, she's wearing a middle-schooler's uniform underneath. Whew.
One week after, Yoshino comes up to Yumi and tells her everything she has found out about Arima Nana, so far. Apparently, Nana-chan is in her third year of middle school, is the youngest sister of Rei's Tanaka, and is raised by her grandfather whose surname is Arima. Why is she boethering with all this? Simple. Because if by her third year, she still can't find a little sister, she'll choose Nana-chan. Oh. Yumi relates all this to Sachiko later on as the two of them are walking home together, holding hands. Awww... so gay.

I dub this episode the "Eriko" episode. No doubt about it. This one belongs to Eriko. She totally kicks ass this episode. So lady-like about it, too, which is unheard of in ass-kicking in general.

Sei and Youko! Those are two are totally doing it together.

Shimako and Noriko. They so need a subplot and soon.

Pizzahut guy!

Rei and Yoshino acting so sweet.

Yoshino and Eriko's interactions had me smiling the whole time in amusement. Such a clash of personalities.

Who the hell is Shouko?

Nana-chan! Ripping off her clothes! Oh my ~