Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Post: We've reached 20,000+ visitors!

Technically, it should already be 30,000 plus but I think there must have been a moment when Jute decided to restart the statcounter because there's 10,000+ discrepancy between the numbers showing up on the blog and the ones on my traffic reports. However, 20,000 is still reason to celebrate. After all, it's not like we do this on a full-time basis. Anyway, as is the tradition of this blog, whether it be a blog anniversary or a milestone in visitor population, I give you FREEBIES!!

Bleach All Color But The Black [MF] (rar, 58.87mb)

NANA 1st Illustration Book [MF] (rar, 26.61mb)

NANA Sealdass [MF] (rar, 3.77mb)