Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another 11: Panic over Tape

Akazawa and Takako solemnly discuss how the latter went to elementary school with Mei and back then, Mei's left eye was intact. Meanwhile, Teshigawara gets into a mess when he starts to suspect his classmate Kazami as the extra student. During their argument, Teshigawara accidentally pushes him off the balcony. Believing him dead, Teshigawara bursts into Kouichi's room and asks him and Mei whether they remember a classmate of theirs named Kazami. Kouichi and Mei both answer in the affirmative, which means Teshigawara has it wrong. Or does he? Because Kazami may not have died from that fall. To find out for sure, the three of them make their way downstairs to investigate only to discover another student, Meijima, has been stabbed, and that the dining hall is on fire and the manager has been murdered. Akazawa soon appears, asking what is going on and they discover that Kazami is alive and pissed off at Teshigawara and the tape is gone. While Teshigawara and Mochizuki look for the tape as well as Mikami-sensei, they run into the manager's wife, who comes at them with a knife. Meanwhile, Takako, who has listened to Matsunaga's tape, goes on a murderous rampage and attacks Mei, believing her to be the extra student. But when Kouichi thwarts her attempts, she changes tactics and plays the tape over the hotel's P.A. system before instructing everyone to kill Mei. The desperate class do as told while Kouichi valiantly tries to protect Mei. But even Mikami-sensei is no match for the students' despair as she too falls at the hands of one student. Then an explosion from the dining hall momentarily distracts the students but Takako has found where Kouichi and Mei are hiding and immediately stabs Kouichi in the arm. She then attacks Mei again but accidentally gets herself tangled into some wires, which eventually strangle and kill her. When Akazawa sees her friend's dead body with Mei standing nearby, she makes a single conclusion and comes after Mei. Mei makes her own conclusion but before it is revealed what this conclusion is, she runs off by herself, leaving Kouichi behind.

COMMENTS:OMG! So many deaths this episode. Granted, I don't care about all these dead students. The series hasn't really taken any effort to flesh them out. Still, I've never seen this much death since the first episode of Ga Rei - Zero. Next episode will be the finale. I am strangely not excited anymore.

more screencaps from episode 11: