Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chihaya Furu 25 [Finale]: Second Season, now!

And so here comes the last episode of this wonderful series. It's the Master match and the reigning Master, of course, successfully defends his title. His challenger was no challenge. Sou's game sense is so fantastic, the challenger could barely make a dent in his play. After it's all over, the club members could only sit in front of the TV, depressed. So when Taichi's mother pokes her head in to remind them, not too subtly, to leave, they do as told. Chihaya is depressed but her mood is slightly lifted when Tsutomu-kun tells her that based on his analysis, Chihaya has 20 one-syllable cards. Meanwhile, Taichi remains in his room. After a while, he places a call to Arata, who has been watching the match as well. Their conversation is cut short when Arata receives an unexpected visitor, his friend the former Master challenger. In class the next day, Tsutomu-kun explains it to Chihaya farther and adds that most Class A players have strong game sense, meaning Chihaya shouldn't rest on her laurels and instead try to master those 20 cards. Kana sees her doing just that and out of impulse, Kana announces her intention to become a reader and her dream of reading for Chihaya's Queen Match. Her hopes are dashed, however, when Chihaya thoughtlessly tells her that she would have to be a Class A player in order to be a reader at a queen's match. Heh. At club practice later that day, Taichi shows new determination by doing some fierce practice swings, which Chihaya notices. Meanwhile, the empress is busy jostling with other club coaches for the karuta club's club room, insisting that they need a sound-proof room. In the end, one old-timer professor gives her the said room with the condition that the karuta club must be able to recruit five more members come next school opening. The empress also manages to increase the club's budget by 30,000 yen, which thrills Kana to no end. The series ends with Chihaya putting up more posters of the club, inviting members to join them.

FINAL THOUGHTS:Well, that was a lackluster ending, but better than nothing. I hope to god we get a second season because this anime is too good and ended without really resolving anything not to have a second season, or a third and so on. The manga is still ongoing so there's at least that. But I love what Madhouse did to the series. I love the animation and the music and the seiyuu and the treatment done to the story. And I don't even like sports anime, mind you. I had a wonderful six months with Chihaya Furu. I laughed and cried and felt like I've grown with the characters. Even the side characters were nicely developed. Harada-sensei is memorable. Yumi, too. Shinobu is a scene stealer. And dammit, what about the triangle between Taichi and Arata and Chihaya? Need resolution. Second season, now!

more screencaps from episode 25: