Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 2: Boy meets Ghost

This episode takes us back in time to when Niiya first meets Yuuko, the ghost of his school's old building. One day, Niiya gets lost in said building. While trying to find his way out, he recalls a scary story about a certain mirror in a certain room in a certain building in his school. The story warns that anyone who looks into that mirror should never turn around or else see something horrific. Niiya ends up standing in front of such mirror and does the exact opposite of what the scary story specifically warned him against. True enough, there's someone standing behind him but rather than scary, she's beautiful. She introduces herself as Yuuko and seems friendly enough. Niiya chats with her a bit, not realizing who she is, until Yuuko lets slip that she is a ghost. Niiya, of course, is adamant and tries to verify it by touching her -- in an inappropriate body part. But even though Niiya can touch Yuuko, that doesn't prove anything because Yuuko is a ghost as Niiya discovers for himself when he finds her bones in a secret basement under that old building. Yuuko gets Niiya to create the Paranormal Investigations Club with the secret mission of finding the reason for Yuuko's death. Some time later, the Club gets its first client in the form of Momoe who believes she is cursed after playing kakurenbo and the doll she used mysteriously disappeared. There's no demon, of course, since Yuuko is the real culprit. However, Yuuko tells Niiya that Momoe's fear may actually end up harming her. She and Niiya thus pretend to perform an exorcism on the doll.

The groping can get old. I hope they come up with another joke next episode. On the other hand, love the production values. Love Yuuko's character design. Sometimes she looks like Busujima-senpai but with XXXholic's Yuuko's personality. Great combination. Niiya is appropriately a non-entity. And Momoe is like a naive little sister - cute as a button. I can't wait to meet Kirie next episode. I don't think the show is going to take Yuuko's demise seriously any time soon. I get the feeling the series is going to take the monster-a-week approach until the last two episodes or so. I don't mind it. I may drop the series but that's more of a personal choice on my part and doesn't really reflect teh quality of this show.

more screencaps from episode 2: