Monday, April 23, 2012


With the appearance of Ozuma, all hell breaks loose. Maya reveals that she is the one who called Ozuma on the first place so Bainas and her crew could only watch in stunned horror as Ozuma swallows Maya, Sam and Mimei whole. However, they survive and Maya finally reveals Ozuma's true nature: the mechanized creature gathers and grows life forms for the day when Maya chooses to let loose this new life on earth. Maya has been hesitating because a new life means the end of the era of the Ideal Children and humanity will no longer control the planet. But now she has come to a decision and she goes off to unite with Ozuma. Meanwhile, Theseus attacks the Zone with depth charges, which angers Ozuma, leading it to retaliate. Fearing that the entire place will collapse and get destroyed, Bainas makes her own decision of using the special weapon that Dick made specifically against Ozuma. However, the gun only works with Dick's genetic code. Bainas runs to the weapon area to override the command only to find Gido there. She asks if he is still Gido or Dick. He doesn't answer and just turns his back on her with his left fist raised. At that moment, Bainas realizes that it's Dick but she's too late because Dick is already inside the weapon's control room on a suicide mission to stop Ozuma. The weapon is fired, destroying Ozuma but not before Ozuma totally annihilates Theseus' army, killing the General in the process. In the end, a dying Ozuma releases the life forms into earth, paving the way for a new ecosystem on the planet.

Well, okay. That was actually fun. And Sam wasn't as annoying in this episode as the previous ones. The BGM did its part during that farewell scene between Bainas and Dick. I wouldn't have felt anything otherwise. I actually felt sad for these two. The ending monologue was a little too ham-fisted and preachy for my taste. Yes, love nature and stuff. I just feel like there was a better way of sending off that piece of Aesop. Dick, how corny is that hand gesture? The General got an honorable end. We barely saw him in the show because the producers spent all their money storyboarding Sam shouting "Maya-san!" instead.
For the art overall, meh. You'd think they'd spend better money on production values since there are only six episodes, but no. Some parts, the characters look downright ugly.
Did I like this show? Not really. Would I recommend it to my worst enemy? Yes. What about my friends? Yes, if they like the style and post-apocalyptic worlds. The rec won't come with high praises though.

more screencaps from episode 6: