Monday, April 16, 2012

Ozuma 4-5: Oh captain, my captain!

With Maya back with the Theseus, Sam goes against his captain's orders to attempt a rescue. Bainas' chief mate muses that Sam is acting a lot like Dick. The mention of the name forces Bainas to recall a painful memory of the last time she's seen Dick. She remembers that Dick had a theory about the goddess of Theseus being able to control Ozuma. With this knowledge, Bainas decides to come after Maya herself. Meanwhile, Sam finds the enemy location but before he could launch a rescue attempt, Mimay sabotages his hover craft, forcing him to wait until the Baldanos shows up, which is soon as it turns out. Then follows a very exciting submarine chase and shooting exchange that showcases Bainas' sharp insticts as well as Gido's exceptional ability to determine the enemy's moves. In the end, Bainas forces the two ships to surface and she comes face to face with Gido. Their encounter is short-lived, however, as Ozuma shows up at that moment, forcing the ships to dive once more in order to avoid being sucked into Ozuma's quantum transition force. After things settle down a bit, both ships find themselves right in the middle of the Zone, a subterranean world that is able to support life. While Sam explores this new world with Mimei on board his hover craft, they discover the heavily damaged Theseus ship. Against Mimei's advice, Sam tries once more to save Maya and gets captured as a result. Gido uses him as hostage to force Bainas to give control of her ship to him. Maya appears and attempts to stop Gido who, instead of stopping, just goes and blurts out his plan of ruling that underground world with Maya by his side. Sam takes advantage of a moment of distraction and succeeds in freeing himself as well as giving Bainas and her crew to overwhelm the enemy. Bainas ends up shooting Gido in the face, shattering his mask and revealing to her, Sam and Mimei that he is Dick in person. Gido then slips and falls into the abyss. After securing the enemy, Sam and Bainas search for him in vain. Maya later reveals that the Ideal Children's minds and bodies are deteriorating due to frequent cloning, leading them to implant their own minds into the bodies of Natura, which have a higher ability to adapt to their environment. This means that even though it is Dick's body, the mind belongs to Gido. Maya adds that she is one of the original humans and has actually lived for many centuries due to frequent cloning. This is the reason why her body is much closer to Natura than to Ideal Children. Further conversation is interrupted by the arrival of more Theseus ships under the command of the General himself.

Well, I still hate Sam Coin. I hate his stupidity and the fact that he's always telling Mimei to shut up even though the latter is right. He is an idiot and he really annoys me.
That aside, I really quite enjoyed episode 4. Those submarine fighting scenes were pretty exciting to watch, despite the bad CGI. And Bainas is really cool even though her surprise at the big reveal at the end of the episode is hilarious. Really, Bainas? You didn't figure it out? The voice was the same. The hair style, too. Wasn't the guy your lover or something? Or at least, he's her lover. Well, anyway, yeah.

more screencaps from episode 4: