Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sankarea 3: Rea's Freedom

Rea wakes up unharmed. At breakfast, her mother brings up the incident of the previous night. Rea lies and says that she was just taking a walk since the moon was so bright that night. Her mother soon exits the room, leaving Rea alone with her Dad. He further talks to Rea about the "incident" before reminding her that she's going to be home-schooled for a while. Their conversation is soon interrupted by the arrival of the family butler. Rea makes for the door. Once outside though, she eavesdrops on the conversation, which is how she learns about her father's intentions against Furuya. In an effort to warn him, Rea sneaks out of the mansion again, not knowing that her mother is watching her from the window. Meanwhile, Wanko and Mero are just learning that Babu is now a zombie-cat, courtesy of Furuya. Wanko is naturally worried but Furuya pays her no mind as he goes after Babu, who decides to explore the neighborhood. Their wanderings lead them to a dyke which Furuya crawls into, following Babu. Wanko attempts to follow as well but gets stuck inside. Eventually, Furuya finds himself at the bottom of the hill where Rea's mansion is located. Unknown to him, Rea has gone off to his school to warn him about her father coming after him. But when she doesn't find him there, she decides to wait for him at their place -- the ruined hotel. On her way there, she is found by the butler who promptly reports her whereabouts to her father, who then goes to find her. Furuya finds Babu among the hydrangea plants almost at the same time he sees Rea on a cliff. Her father and the family butler have followed her to that place. Rea tries to reason with her dad, saying that she wants her freedom. However, when her father attempts to drag her back to the house, Babu senses Rea's trouble and goes over to them. Rea's father, who is allergic to cats, briefly lets Rea go. This is Rea's first time seeing the resurrected Babu. But even as she is puzzling out the implication of her having drank the potion, her father comes over to drive Babu away. By some freak accident, Rea falls off and is fatally wounded. A devastated Furuya looks down at her bloodied form, only remembering the promise he made that he would resurrect her. After a while though and despite her wounds, Rea rises again.

Creepy Daddy Meter (TM) = 10 out of 10. And no amount of regretting killing her will change that. In other news, a couple or so of panty shots in this episode, if that's your thing.

more screencaps from episode 3: