Thursday, May 3, 2012

Claymore 126: The Organization's End

It's Claymore time!

After the the three No. 1s completely destroy each other, Orsay reveals to Louvre that he finally recognizes the owner of the arm. It's Priscilla, of course, the No. 2 candidate who slayed the No. 1 of her time. It seems the Organization has believed all along that Priscilla died at the hands of Isley. Orsay adds that he knows for certain how to find Priscilla. Meanwhile, Miria, Helen and Deneve search the Organization's headquarters for the black-clad people but, true to Raki's words, they seem to have vanished. Still, Miria doesn't want to take any chances and decides to split up the group. Then, after her comrades leave, she quite calmly, as though she knew about the place all along, walks to a hidden doorway which leads to an underground room. There she finds two huge creatures that look like awakened beings, chained to the ground. Rimuto then appears behind her to explain that these creatures are descendants of dragons, the true enemies of the Organization. He reveals that these creatures live for two hundred years, never grow old and never stop getting stronger, which is the reason why they are losing the war and have to resort to experimentation to gain the upper hand. The Organization has been scraping the flesh of these two creatures while still alive and combining them to create a parasite which they then use to infect humans, turning them into youma. Thus, the Claymores, which the Organization created to kill youma and protect humans, have been ironically doing nothing but killing the humans they were sworn to protect. Adding insult to injury is the Organization rule that the death of a human at the hands of a Claymore means certain death to the latter at the hands of her fellow warriors. In rage, Miria decapitates Rimuto and destroys the creatures. Then she walks out into the field where the rest of the warriors and trainees are waiting and shows them the head of Rimuto, the Chief of the Organization, indicating that the Organization's long history of terror is finally over.

Well, that was anti-climatic. Now finally are we going back to the Clare storyline? Then we'll at least get some answers. Because this chapter revealed nothing we didn't already know.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the end of "Claymore" as we know it. What we'll see is either another title or another story arc. I'm thinking that the Claymores will be joining in the war and with the help of awakened beings. . . at the same time Clare might turn into a totally new being. . . this might be the new title of the manga. . . "End: is such a confusing and also powerful word that all of us are now whining if it's all over for our beloved and cherished manga. . . Oh well that's just life. :)

animeshoon said...

Yeah, I was puzzled, too, by the word "end" at the end of the chapter. But I couldn't believe that Yagi would end the story there so I just assumed that the "end" refers to the age of claymores. I don't know if Yagi is going to change the title of the manga from now on. If he does change it, it would be superfluous because people are nevertheless going to call it the Claymore sequel, so might as well keep the title. But I don't know about manga traditions.