Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mini-updates: Sankarea, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Sankarea 4-5

So Rea turns into a zombie and begins to hang out at Chihiro's crib. Her death has finally liberated her from her father's suffocating love, leaving her plenty of room to explore life. But her enjoyment is cut off when rigor mortis sets in which leaves her semi-naked on Chihiro's bedroom floor. Chihiro manages to resist his more primal urges and moves Rea to the bed while he spends the night at an empty room in the temple. The next morning presents a new set of challenges for Chihiro as he tries to prevent his family members from walking in on Rea in his room. He moves Rea to his closet and while he does so, he hears Rea's stomach grumble. But the girl is more or less unconscious so he doesn't pay any mind. He should have because later that day, Wanko sneaks into his room in order to borrow more zombie DVDs and gets literally assaulted by a very hungry, very dead Rea. Chihiro runs into the room just in time, only to have Rea lunge at him and then kiss him on the mouth.

I think I may stop watching this show. The story is paper-thin and honestly I don't know why I'm still watching it. 

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 4-5 

It's summer and the Paranormal Investigation Club decide to have a sleepover in school in order to investigate another ghost story. But in truth, Kirie is just using this as an excuse to find out more about the evil shadow she once mistook for Yuuko. Speaking of whom, Yuuko has been distancing herself from the group lately, which puzzles Niiya. But it turns that she's only feeling lonely because Niiya hasn't touched her in a while. That evening, Yuuko wakes Niiya up to show him around the school where the ghost stories are said to take place. It turns out the ghost stories are really about her in one of her shenanigans. Then, Yuuko brings Niiya to her favorite place where they watch the sunrise together. Meanwhile, back with the girls, the evil shadow hovers over Kirie's sleeping form.

In the next episode, the entire school prepares for the cultural festival. Of course, the Paranormal Investigation Club hosts a haunted house with their very own resident ghost President as the star. Kirie and Momoe end up getting lost and while trying to find their way back, Momoe makes things worse by telling a ghost story. Eventually, they find their way back and Momoe's friends have the bright idea of dressing up Kirie as a "neko-maido" and service their cafe. She ends up having too good a time but eventually freaks out when she realizes that with long hair, she looks a lot like Yuuko. She ends up at the haunted house where Yuuko accuses her of wanting to be her (Yuuko) even though she is dead. Kirie rushes out of the room and runs into Niiya, who, after prompting form her, explains the reason why he loves Yuuko. He also tells her that he sees her as a girl. This makes Kirie feel better, so much better that she even touches Yuuko as she passes by.

Will continue to watch this series because Yuuko is a hot mama. LOL and also, I am actually a little curious about where this series will eventually go. The ecchi is getting old and honestly, it's NSFW, but the series has its moments.