Friday, August 1, 2008

Ryouko's Case Files 03: Slave takes a day-off

It's 18th century Russia and the royal army guards are assembled at Saint Petersburg square when a person on horseback arrives in a cloud of dust. Who do you think it is? The lovely Ryouko, of course! As she declares herself the last surviving Russian monarch, she spies someone casually walking by, engrossed in a book. Upon a closer look, who do you think it is? Why, it's Izumida-kun!

Back to the present, Ryouko is in bed, in fan service glory, dreaming and muttering about Izumida being dense.
Case #3: Incident at Sakuradamon
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In this episode, we find out that the slave/Ryouko's bitch actually gets a day-off. So while Izumida happily does his laundry, cleans his room and basically relax, his co-workers nervously present Ryouko with her schedule. She isn't pleased and rejects the entire thing before leaving and going to a coffee shop.

While there, she meets up with Yukiko and Akira, who are on their way to a press conference regarding the Ginza Tower incident. Yukiko thinks Ryouko's presence would only be an inconveniences, so naturally Ryouko goes.

The conference is aired live and Izumida watches it on TV. At first, everything goes well when a young reporter from a minor newspaper asks about JACES being involved in the incident. Apparently, this is a taboo question and none of the panel of spokespersons answer him. Later, he and his subordinate are approached by an elderly journalist who gives them a little background on JACES and Yakushiji Ryouko.
it's a date!

It turns out that JACES is where many old law enforces end up after they retire. As Ryouko is the next in line to the company, they try not to give her a reason to refuse them the job. Also, the journalist says that Ryouko has been using her company to gain leverage over her superiors and generally do whatever she wants. That, plus the fact that the Superintendent is a lunatic who spends his days writing poetry with a giant bunny on his desk. Armed with this newfound information, the young reporters decide to forget JACES and focus all their attention on Ryouko instead, wanting to expose her foul misdeeds by catching her in a scandalous moment. Ryouko, of course, is plenty aware of their intention, as she had one of her subordinates spy on the reporters.

Meanwhile, Izumida meets up with Nonagase, the shoes guy from Episode 2, who wants him to check whether his account of the Ginza Tower incident is accurate. It seems he's quite the fanboy as he's been keeping a faithful account of all Ryouko's escapades. Not only that but he's also come up with a new nickname for her: something like Oryo being able to summon like Dracula, since she apparently has the power to summon all sorts of unearthly things.

After the meet, Izumida goes home but just as the clock strikes 6:00 p.m. -- when his day-off officially ends -- he gets a call from Ryouko, asking him to meet her in front of the police station. Once there, however, Ryouko just gets him to go with her on an impromptu date. Unknown to him but known to Ryouko, the reporters are following them, trying to get photos for their article.

Ryouko and Izumida enter a restaurant where Ryouko changes into an uber-sexy Chinese gown. Izumida, the idiot, has nothing better to say except: "What's up with that dress?" I mean, OHMYGOD NOODLES! The guy needs a major clue and I'm sure Ryouko agrees with me. Afterwards, they walk around town for a while, with Ryouko acting all vulnerable and leaning against Izumida and generally being ingratiating but in a cute, flirty way. The gallant Izumida finally relents and gives her his coat. The reporters are having a field day. Then, the two enter a club where they are the only two customers and the bartender is a thickly muscled, blond-wigged transvestite. Izumida is such a cheapskate that he actually tries to borrow taxi money from the transvestite. Ryouko, however, suggests that he sleep over at her penthouse apartment. Izumida refuses to go naturally, but after Ryouko drops a hint that her cute maids are there as well, he agrees. LOL, he has a maid complex?

Unfortunately for Izumida, the maids are in Paris, so he and Ryouko are alone. They watch a stupid mystery horror show before heading out to the terrace (and it's a huge terrace, too, complete with a garden and a great view of the city). The reporters, who find the perfect spot on the rooftop of an adjacent building, follow them around with their camera. Ryouko leans against the balustrade and as Izumida watches her backside, he seems to realize something, but Ryouko breaks the moment by ordering him to sit on the bench. When he does, she walks over and sits on his lap on the flimsy reason that she doesn't want to get her dress wet from the morning dew on the bench.

Looking at her, Izumida realizes that Ryouko is just a wee bit drunk and prepares to carry her back inside. As he does, Ryouko pauses as though waiting for something. The reporters on the other building also pause, waiting for that moment of juicy goodness to capture on film...
...when a JACES helicopter arrive and armed soldiers drop down, surrounding the two reporters and pointing guns at their faces. The reporters are completely caught unawares. Ryouko then remembers what it is she is supposed to do and she immediately calls Nonagase and tells him to order the men to back off. With that, the soldiers and the helicopter leave just as suddenly as they arrive.

Back in Ryouko's penthouse, Izumida asks her just what is going on. Ryouko, however, just tells him "NO COMMENT." Izumida has been expecting just that sort of answer so he says his goodbye and thanks her for a lovely evening. Ryouko looks dumbfounded and just a bit pissed off, muttering that even though Izumida is dense he knows just what to say at the right time.

Later, the reporters sit at the park, surveying the results of their hard work. Something's wrong with the photos they have taken, however, with images being blurred and weird lighting plaguing almost every picture. What's more, their camera short-circuits, reporting an error. The incident scares them both.

At that moment, Izumida walks by, wishing that he would have a day-off that's easier than most, but at the same time, accepting that with Ryouko as his boss, that's probably unlikely.
fanservice = high production value + sexy character in semi-dishabille

Nothing happens in this episode. Absolutely nothing. Instead, what this episode focuses on is development for Ryouko's character. So it's not just Izumida who dreams of her but that Ryouko dreams of him, too, only hers is a bit comical.

If I were to analyze their dreams, I'd say that Izumida subconsciously wishes that underneath Ryouko's tough-sexy exterior is a vulnerable girl waiting to be rescued. But the dream is a far cry from reality as Ryouko is tough as nails and superior in almost every way. So maybe that's why he keeps his distance and never goes beyond the line?

Ryouko's dream would mean that she finds Izumida's general nonchalance frustrating. Of course, she wants him to notice her. Why else would she torment him so?

I love them! They're awesome!

In other news, I'm still waiting for Yukiko to display her awesomeness. From what I understand, she is supposed to be Ryouko's rival but from the look of things, she doesn't even come close. She serves as nothing more than good fodder for Ryouko's baiting and often mean jokes.

The next episode should be a lot more interesting than this episode. Demon cats like woah! The mystery needs to be upped an ante because as much as I love the Ryouko x Izumida moments, nothing beats a good mystery.