Friday, September 5, 2008

World Destruction 09: O Brother

IN THIS EPISODE: Morte goes through some serious funk when she meets a beastman who resembles his dead bro. Kyrie becomes the crush of the campus while Toppi spends the entire day eating potatoes and sleeping.
Episode 09: There are Two Kinds of Autumn

After the events of the previous episode, our trio next end up in a university in Autumnland. But what makes this university stand out is the fact that it accepts beastmen and humans alike as students.
Morte being mopey all of a sudden

Of course, Morte being Morte, she doesn't like the place one bit. It's just like Elephant-sensei's hospital with her. And it doesn't help that she's still going through some stuff about her brother after Agan's revelation in Episode 8.

So, while Morte mopes around, Kyrie and Toppi decide to leave her alone for a while and do their own thing.
it's the *ded* brother!!!

Morte also decides to take a look around the place. But when she does, she spies a person who looks amazingly like her little brother. The boy entered a book shop so she follows him in. But once there, she realizes that the boy is actually a beastman and only his hair resembles her brother's.

The beastman says that he is an orphan but that he has an older sister who left the city years ago after their father died. To Morte's surprise, the older sister turns out to be a human. The beastman then explains that his father found his older sister abandoned so he took her up and raised her as his own child. But then she soon left the city and he has not heard from her again.
on second thought...

Meanwhile, Toppi eats a whole bag of baked potatoes and then falls asleep under a tree. Kyrie, on the other hand, walks around campus where he catches the eye of a few students. A soccer ball rolls his way and as he kicks it back to the players, he is sharply reminded of happier days.
do not disturb
Kyrie is feeling a little lonely

After some more walking, Kyrie finally gets bored and decides to rest for a few minutes on a bench. That's when he catches sight of a library. Wanting to know more about the Destruct Code, he goes inside the library to look for books that might give him a clue. But all he finds is a book that tells him about what the Destruct Code can do but nothing about what it looks like or why it even exists in the first place.
so off he goes to the library

After the library, Kyrie walks around some more and sees Morte carrying books out of the bookshop. He follows her in without her knowledge and there he meets the beastman that Morte befriended earlier.

Meanwhile, Toppi is still sleeping under the tree. When he wakes up, it's already dusk and Morte and Kyrie are nowhere in sight.
and the bear still sleeps
lol drool

As it happens, Kyrie and Morte are still at the bookshop. Morte has earlier decided on her own to help out in packing the books since the shop is closing. Kyrie tentatively approaches her and asks her if she hasn't enjoyed herself during their travels. He adds that even though most of their adventures were scary, he can't deny that he enjoyed himself, too. Before Morte and Toppi came, he lived by mere surviving, even going so far as to disguise himself as a beastman just so he could coexist with the dominant race.

When Morte still doesn't say anything, Kyrie finally ventures to ask if the reason why she wants to destroy the world is her brother. At the mention of her brother, Morte drops the books she has been holding. Unknown to both of them, the beastman has been listening to their conversation.
i has ears ~
morte's hair looks weird here

Later, the beastman announces that he is going to open his sister's room. Prior to that, he told Morte that he hasn't once opened his sister's room because he wanted to preserve the memories he had of her. The three of them enter the room and first find several scattered pieces of paper, some spilled out paints and dirty brushes. Then they find a painting of the university's statue of a beastman and human. But the painting has been viciously cut across with a knife.
"lemme see, is it still 'open sesame?'"
artists are such drama queens

Morte comments that despite everything, it's still hardest to forgive. However, as they look further around the room, they see another painting which is still intact -- a portrait of the painter herself and her little brother together. At the sight of this, the beastman sheds tears.
their little brothers, too
no van gogh in this sandy world
wow, even when sad, morte still manages to look murderous

Ah, an episode about Morte. I'm surprised it took this long to finally give her some room to develop. I mean, she's like the main protagonist in the series, the one who pushes the story along. Then again, we've been seeing a glimpse of her story all throughout so it's not like she was entirely left out.