Thursday, November 13, 2008

ReaL Drive 24: Scientific Equivalent of Bad Juju

Haru and friends race against time to stop Jennie from launching the meteorological nanomachines.
EPISODE 24: Earth Order - Inference
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Jennie is at the meteorological nanomachine plants, staring out at his life's achievement. Later that same day, he goes to cut the ribbon to jumpstart the 20th AI Anniversary. Then while the attending crowd celebrate, he deigns to grace Haru and his friends with his presence.

Haru, Souta, the Secretary-General, Minamo (voice-only mode) and even Kushima's AI all attempt to persuade Jennie from launching the meteorological nanomachines into the atmosphere. They even tell him about Kushima's theory. But Jennie, who is first and foremost a scientist, refuses to believe their theories unless they can present him with concrete proof. So until they can do that, he will go ahead with the original plan.

Faced with Jennie's unyielding conviction, the Secretary-General comes up with a last-resort plan: one of them would have to go the plant themselves to manually establish a metal gateway for Haru who will try to stop the launching by overriding the launch program from the Metal.

However, the plan is harder than it looks as Haru and other cyberdivers discover that Jennie has fortified the Metal around the site with multiple firewalls. Souta, who is at the plant's site, likewise faces trouble. Jennie has unexpectedly arrived and he has a military type prosthetic body.

While Souta gets the beating of his life, Minamo comes up with an idea to help Haru access the plant site. Her idea allows Haru to activate a program left by someone that helps them get as far into the plant's metal as possible. Unfortunately, the launching could not be stopped from the Metal alone. Thus, leaving Souta to perform the last step manually.

By this time, Souta's training with Holon pays off as he manages to overpower Jennie with sheer force of will. Afterwards, he runs limping to the uppermost level of the plant where the programs are. But he has only a few seconds left. And just when he almost finishes overriding the program codes, a wine bottle drops from above him, ruining the equipment without stopping the countdown.

From the foreground of the plant, Jennie watches as the meteorological nanomachines are finally launched into the atmosphere.

A very exciting episode. It will leave you at the edge of your seat. It's hard to believe that bubbles saved the day, but it did -- and then, it didn't since the nanomachines got launched anyway.

Souta's training with Holon paid off but not soon enough. Poor boy had his ass handed to him by a man twice his age.

Jennie is an awesome villain. He's got the brains and a mean body to boot. I mean, military type prosthetics! That was how he was able to overpower Kushima. But I can't believe Kushima did not even put up a fight. I mean, he just stood there when Jennie grabbed his face. But Jennie apparently looks up to Kushima as well.

Darn, every other guy in this series is gay.