Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest 6-7: She of the Beautiful Smile

It's official. I like this series. Why? Because it's so convoluted when it comes to the relationships with its characters. Apparently, Mahiro isn't even blood-related to Aika, which puts the more uncomfortable tension I get between the two in somewhat better light. That doesn't make it any less dark and mangley though because Mahiro can't accept his feelings for Aika and Aika is...a weirdo. I don't know. Why do I get the feeling she's playing these two boys like puppets on strings and that she's not at all sunshine and roses this one? She calls Yoshino manipulative. I think the pot is calling the kettle black. And then there's the thing with Hakase's skeleton. Juniichiro thinks its real but we've got the real live Hakase talking to our boys so it can't be her. So what's up? Samon is probably faking her death to make his ascension to power even more legitimate, but he didn't look happy about it though, so my theory that Samon isn't a bad guy still stands. I think he's just misunderstood. Juniichiro, though. I'm guessing he's got some kind of latent ability that somehow negates all forms of magic and that's why nobody from the Kusaribe Clan can touch him. Not even spear dude. The government part of the plot is boring me but for Yamamoto's outfit and long black hair. I'm glad that Yoshino gave her some talismans. Does that mean she's gonna have more screen time? Also, when is Hakase getting off that island? I'm excited to know how she's going to react in person to the boys as well as to Samon. Do I sense a ship between these redheads? Time will tell.