Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anime Rewatch: Denno Coil 1-2

Welcome to Daikoku City, a half-internet, half-shrine city where Yasako and her family has just moved in to live closer to Yasako's grandmother. Almost as soon as they arrive by train, Yasako and her younger sister, Kyoko, encounter a strange black creature that Yasako's pet, Densuke, then chases into a black hole. The hole disappears, along with Densuke!

And so begins our introduction into the strange world of Denno Coil.

First of all, god I forgot how good the opening and ending songs are in this anime. I love how haunting and almost horror-like the intro to Prism is before it transitions to something lighter but nostalgic. The ending theme is just as exquisite and definitely bittersweet now that I know how the series ends.

About a year ago, Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Although we've not quite yet reached the Augmented Reality (AR) world that Daikoku City features, we're so close. This anime shows us the wonderful possibilities of AR, especially for kids for whom the world is a virtual playground in quite the literal sense. But behind all the fun and games also lurk danger.

This show follows the adventures of a group of kids who use AR glasses as they investigate and explore their AR city and in the process find pieces of themselves and what the future brings. It's fun, heartwarming and quite literally hits you in the feels when it does.

I'm re-watching this and will be blogging about it as I do.