Friday, November 14, 2008

Kurozuka 06: Talk about High

Kuro and Kuon work together to dispose of the battallion of soldiers from the Red Emperor's Army. On the other hand, the forces at Haniwa are just barely able to hold ground, forcing Izana to make a last ditch effort to stop the enemy at their tracks. But will his plan work?
EPISODE 06: Miitsu
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With his sword back in his possession, Kuro immediately starts disposing of the Red Emperor's Army soldiers one by one. Kuon likewise does equal damage.

Meanwhile, in Haniwa, things are not going so well for Izana and his men. He and Rai are inside the room where the miitsu is stored, monitoring the enemy's movements through video monitors. However, it is only a matter of time before the Red Emperor's Army overrun the ragtag rebels.

As more and more of their members die, Saniwa gives the order to have all forces retreat to the Central Block and hold their ground there. But Izana has other ideas of his own: he traps himself inside the miitsu room and uses the miitsu. It turns out the miitsu is the container containing Kuromitsu's blood.

Thus, when M. Bison and his gang arrive, Izana has already injected the blood into his body. Unfortunately, the fusion is a failure as his body starts to expand until it eventually bursts out, killing him instantly. M. Bison next turns to Rai, who is hiding inside a locker. But before he could do some damage with her, Kuro and Kuon arrive.

At first, Kuro barely manages to hold his ground against M. Bison, who is much faster and whose weapon (some sort of tentacle-like metal things) has longer range. Kuon then helps by shooting and hitting a gas tank, causing the whole thing to explode right in M. Bison's face.
The explosion does not kill M. Bison. Instead, it reveals his body for what it really is: some sort of humanoid robot. At the sight of this monster, Kuro goes into berserk mode and rips through M. Bison, decapitating him on the spot. Later, when all the mayhem is done with, Saniwa announces that their group would retreat to Tsuruga, where Kuromitsu is waiting.

As if to make up for the talky Episode 5, this one is totally, absolutely, completely action-packed. There isn't even a single scene that time-jumps. Just pure, unadulterated mayhem and gore. Lurv.

About M. Bison: I guess he isn't Benkei, after all. Question is, what is he? I know he has been injected with Kuromitsu's blood, but what is up with his body? So I guess Kuromitsu's blood doesn't merely turn someone into a vampire, it can cause other mutations as well, depending on how it is introduced into a person's body. Like, for instance, with Kuro. He got bitten by Kuromitsu and after she drained him of his blood, she let him drink some of her blood. The effect of that is to turn him into an immortal with superhuman speed and strength. With the others -- i.e. M. Bison and his friends or Izana, for that matter -- it's all different. More often than not, the human body rejects Kuromitsu's blood. Is this -- the possibility of biological incompatibility -- the reason why vampires like Kuromitsu first have to drain the blood of humans before turning them?

About the miitsu: I KNEW it was Kuromitsu's blood. It was too obvious. I mean, the last two characters of Kuromitsu's name is a huge clue.

About the style: fantastic this episode. So they decided to minimize the neons and instead resorted to black and white sketchy images of Kuro in berserk mode. Where this style is used in a particular scene is sheer beauty.

About the other characters: I'm so glad nothing happened to Rai and Kurata. I love these two. Saniwa is kind of meh at this point. But if she does manage to bring Kuro and Kuromitsu back together this episode, then I suppose she is an okay character. It all hinges on how she does next episode.