Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What the heck was I yapping about?

No, I can't follow a schedule. It's impossible. I download anime on a daily basis but I watch them only sporadically. Most of the time, I watch them in bulk at one time in a week. So no, no, no, NO. No schedules for me.

On that note, I'm definitely dropping Mouryou no Hako. Not because I don't like the show but because my days are filled and it's a difficult show to blog about, anyway. Also, Kurozuka is heading down that same road although I am still hoping for the best. As it is, I keep postponing having to recap it.

I might change my blogging style. I find recapping tedious. But then again, some episodes of shows don't arouse a lot of comments from me so I'm wondering what in the hell I'm supposed to blog about for that week. Maybe I should return to blogging about several episodes at once instead of doing a recap on every single one.

I'm still mulling over this, but expect a change in blogging style soon.