Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Casshern Sins 10: Dio's Not-So-Secret Army

Dio hates Casshern so he builds a robot army, calling himself the new Braiking Boss, and sets about destroying Casshern once and for all. But what happens when Luo, a former bodyguard of Luna, arrives to spoil his plan? One smooth action-packed episode, filled with emo goodness, is what happens. That's Casshern Sins for ya!
EPISODE 10: The Man Captured in the Past
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Robots are arriving from all over the ruined world, heeding Dio's call to arms. Among these ragtag band of robots is a clunky old robot who seems to know Dio. But all the other robots simply want to get rid of him, only to get beaten to a pulp when the "old" robot turns out to be quite lethal.
Back in Dio's castle, he still refuses to appear before the hundreds of robot gathering outside. Apparently, he has a bone to pick with Leda after she, without his permission, fixed his body. It turns out Dio is not unsusceptible to ruin after all, which only makes him hate Casshern even more. His jealousy is so great that he even takes exception to facing his robot army, knowing that they only came for Casshern.
Meanwhile, the clunky old robot arrives in Dio's castle and immediately picks a fight with several other robots. Upon seeing him, Leda recognizes him as Luo, one of Luna's former bodyguards. When she sees him fight, she senses him as a threat and hurries over to dispatch him herself. Her surprise attack gives her the upperhand in the ensuing fight but Luo is not called the "Devil Bodyguard" for nothing. Fortunately for Leda, before Luo could deal her with a serious blow, Dio comes to her rescue.

Duo's speed and young body is vastly superior against Luo's aged, ruined one. Then Luo mistakes him for Casshern, thus, fueling his ire even more. Luo gets the beating of his life before Leda moves in to stop Dio from destroying him completely. She takes his face in her hands and forcefully reminds him that she chose him, not Casshern. Finally, Dio calms down and Leda kisses him.

Later, Dio finally appears before his army of robots and pronounces his plan of rising against Casshern. Standing behind him is Leda, but she has other plans in mind. While the robot army cheers for Dio, Leda wonders about the rumor of Luna still being alive. Meanwhile, Casshern and Friender continue their search for Luna and the answers she alone could give.

Okay, action-packed and elliptical dialogue all the way. Prettier watched than blogged, but what can I do. Basically:
  • Dio has a serious inferiority complex concerning Casshern
  • Leda is using Dio for her own private goals
  • Luo is a Luna-fanatic
  • Casshern is still all WTF about the whole situation