Friday, December 19, 2008

Ga-Rei Zero 09-10: Her Awesomeness, Yomi

Yomi's turning and the events connecting up to Episode 2, plus never-before-seen footages.
EPISODE 09: Spiral of Revenge
More Screencaps from Ga-Rei Zero 09

After her encounter with evil Mei and white-haired boy, Yomi is hospitalized but her wounds are so severe that she remains in a coma for two whole months. While she sleeps, Izuna decides to break off her engagement with Noriyuki, and the SDCD investigates Mei's murder with all evidence pointing to Yomi as the culprit. So when she wakes up, it's definitely not sunshine. But the greatest blow comes when even Kagura wavers in her belief that Yomi is innocent.

EPISODE 10: Spiral of Crime

With Yomi's disappearance, the SDCD sends an investigating team to check her room. Little do they know that the subject of their investigation is at that moment putting into motion her own grand killing spree. Can't say that Yuu did not have it coming. Meanwhile, the disposal unit are in Ikebukuro taking care of another Kasha situation when a familiar face appears.

Alright! Now we're back in business. Events are finally falling into place and things that didn't previously make sense now make better sense in the context of the past seven episodes. I was so happy to find that the subs for 10 came out so soon after 09 that I almost could not believe it. Ah, but here we are. And another character gets the proverbial chop to the head. Expect to see more of that in the next succeeding episodes. I suppose, everyone that does not appear in the manga will eventually die in this series. That makes a long list.

After Tooru and Natsuki's hilarious cameo in Episode 08, I was kind of expecting more screentime for them. But with Episode 10, that does not seem to be the case anymore. I think the timeline is messed up. I distinctly remember it being mentioned in Episode 02 that Yomi disappeared six months before the multiple Kasha incidents in Tokyo. If she did, then what the hell is going on? I'm confounded.

Ga-Rei - Zero feels like a scam -- teasing us with that explosive first episode and making us love all the characters only to see them killed at the end, and then giving us these flashback episodes that while enlightening do not really have as much impact as the first and only serve to heighten our anticipation for the day when the characters of the first episode reappear, only to disappoint us once again with a pitieous cameo -- but Bad Yomi totally kicks ass ♥ ~ So I don't really mind.

It looks like this series will only get 12 episodes. However, if the studio does decide to extend the story further, then that would give substance to my theory that perhaps the events of Episode 01 happen later in time than Episode 02. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking on my part, because I want to see more Tooru and Natsuki dammit!

Likely, Episode 11 will be about Yomi and Tsuchimiya-dono's big fight scene. And Episode 12 will be Kagura vs. Yomi part 2.