Monday, February 16, 2009

Marimite 4th 07: Something About Maps

The Christmas Party, Rei and Yoshino's little tiff, Yumi's great heartbreak.... Lots of drama this episode ~

EPISODE 07: The Blank Map of the Future
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It's the day of the Christmas Party and the Rose Mansion is abuzz with activity. Shimako has decided to learn the secrets of baking from Rei while Yumi, Yoshino and Noriko occupy themselves with the deco. Then the guests start to arrive: Kanako who comes with Touko and Tsutako, who has been appointed as the party's official photographer. Much later, Yoshino arrives with Nana in tow and Rei acts all flustered. Fortunately, Tsutako is there to break the tension as she gets everyone to gather around for a group picture.
During the photo-taking, Touko acts all withdrawn and even separates herself from the group, prompting Tsutako to ask her to stand closer. Watching this, Yumi thanks Kanako for coming to the party despite their having something else to do. Afterwards, Sachiko announces that the seating arrangement will be done by lottery. This disappoints Yoshino somewhat as she is hoping to be seated next to Nana. But Sachiko isn't done. She next announces that everyone should introduce themselves and report on what they have been doing. The move, of course, is not without motive as it is primarily aimed at Nana to get her to feel comfortable.
It turns out Sachiko's plan is a success as everyone gets to introduce themselves to Nana and at the same time update everyone else about their current activities. However, when it comes to Touko, instead of telling everyone what she's been doing, she does a quick impression of the Little Princess, much to everyone's surprise. But Sachiko gets everyone to snap out of their shock by clapping her hands, prompting them to follow her lead while Yumi looks at the little tsundere with something like pride on her face.
After eating, everyone start to do their thing, playing games or serving tea. Yoshino and Nana are virtually inseparable throughout but Rei does not seem to mind. Then Sachiko approaches Yumi to tell her that Kanako has left early to give room for Yumi and Touko to get together. But instead of going to Touko to ask about her problem, Yumi goes to Shimako to ask what she and Touko have been talking about. Apparently, the two have been talking about Shimako's inheriting the family business (running a Buddhist shrine) and how Shimako hopes that the role would fall on her brother instead. But instead of getting a clue from this, Yumi is all over the fact that Shimako even has a brother. They return to the party but find themselves in a middle of a fight between Rei and Yoshino. Apparently, the latter has just also discovered something shocking: Rei's not attending Lillian Girls' University. But the two quickly make up and everyone is happy. Yumi also learns at this point that Sachiko is going to study at Lillian Girls' University.
Touko tries to leave the party early without telling anyone but Yumi spies her and suggests that they go for a walk. During their walk, Touko reminisce about the time when she was a kid and how she found a blank map. Touko was so happy to find it and she did not waste time trying to draw over it and create her own world. However, after a while, she discovered that it was not as easy as she imagined because the world she created did not quite turn out the way she imagined. From there, she made the conclusion that no matter how many blank maps she had, things would never turn out the way she wanted them to.
The two arrive at the Maria statue and there Yumi finally does what she's been wanting to do all along: she asks Touko to be her little sister. She takes out her rosary and holds it out for Touko, waiting. At first, Touko is shocked, but then her face settles into a smirk and in a mocking voice, she thanks Yumi but says that she is not as good a girl as she thinks. And with that, Yumi is rejected right under Maria-sama's watch.
Later that evening, Yumi returns to the Rose Mansion to find Sachiko waiting for her outside. Sachiko gives her a gift -- a handkerchief with a red rose and the letters "S" and "Y" embroidered on the corner. In return, Yumi gives her a book cover with a red rose design. Even though Yumi is happy that Sachiko likes her gift, she, however can't stop her tears from coming out as she reveals how Touko refused her rosary. Of course, Sachiko knows all about being rejected -- it happened to her twice. But she says that although she wasn't too bothered when Shimako refused her but when it came to Yumi, it was painful. Yumi can only agree and confesses that she can't stop herself from crying just yet.

This episode started kind of meh. The little drama between Rei and Yoshino didn't do for me. And I cringed at Touko's Little Princess rendition. I mean, WTF was that about? I'm sure that was what everybody was thinking before Sachiko smoothed over the whole thing with her usual composure.

Speaking of which, Sachiko is awesome in this episode. Actually, she's been awesome in all episodes so far. I like how she gets everyone to follow her lead to or gets them to do what she wants without her even telling them to. She's like a chess player, that one. And very, very good at what she does. Youko was really right in choosing her as a successor.

On another note, I feel sorry for Yumi. What an excellent job Ueda Kana did for Yumi, especially that part where Yumi tells Sachiko what happened with Touko. That was heartbreaking. Hilarious, but heartbreaking.

Anyhoo, looking forward to the NEXT EPISODE:
more tsundere Touko

what in the world?

at least, we get to see Sachiko in a kimono. will something finally happen?