Monday, March 9, 2009

Casshern Sins 22: Eternity in a Moment

With Casshern all but dead, Leda takes healing from Luna while Dio eschews immortality for a chance to fight his nemesis...
EPISODE 22: The Drop Called Eternal
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Picking up from last episode, Ringo and Lyuze are both devastated by what happened to Casshern. Lyuze then makes a promise to Ringo that she will take back Casshern. Meanwhile, Leda tries to convince Dio to go to Luna with her. But when Dio refuses, Leda ends up going by herself.
At the castle's inner chamber, Leda finally meets Luna. She wastes no time in showing her who's boss but Luna does not seem too impressed by Leda's strutting. Then Leda announces that from now on she would decide who Luna should or should not heal. Again, Luna does not oppose this, not even when Leda demands healing from her. Somewhere in the castle, a broken down Casshern is tied to the pillars. Dio watches from the shadows while Casshern's body slowly (and painfully) heals itself.
At that moment, Lyuze, Ohji and Ringo are loitering outside trying to decide what to do with Casshern's capture. Ohji is acting rather cavalier about the whole thing while Ringo and Lyuze are both in pathos over the situation. The conversation ends with Lyuze announcing once more that she would rescue him. Meanwhile, Braiking Boss is still watching the grave-digger go about his self-appointed task. Braiking Boss comments that there is no end and the grave-digger agrees, adding that this is why the people who made those graves ran away. So Braiking Boss asks him why he doesn't run away. The grave-digger answers that if he did, it would be like giving in to the ruin.
Back in the castle, Leda is admiring her "new" self in front of the mirror when Dio happens upon her. In her ecstasy at her newfound beauty, she tells Dio her that she wants to create life (ergo, be a god). But Dio is not interested and even warns her not to lay a finger on Casshern. Leda does not understand why he wants to spare Casshern now when he is at his most vulnerable. Without bothering to answer her, Dio starts to leave, only for Leda to warn him that she would turn against him. Dio calls her out on it but before she could do anything, Leda's "healed" eye breaks once more. Seeing her like this, Dio just tells her to heal herself as much as she wants and as many times as she wants.
Later, Lyuze, with Friender's help, takes out the guards posted around the castle. In the middle of the fight, she notices Dio leave the castle, with Casshern in his arms. Back inside, Leda confronts Luna about her ruined eye and Luna says that perhaps she needs more healing. So Leda demands more of her blood until she is sated...for the moment.
Much later, Casshern continues to heal under Dio's watchful eyes while Leda goes through much the same pain from Luna's healing. Watching her writhing in agony, Luna says that perhaps that must have been too much healing, but adds that she shouldn't worry. "Eternal life is beautiful. I can make people live. I will not kill them like my old self." While saying this, tears fall from her eyes though she seems to be unaware of this.
Back with Dio and Casshern, the latter has finally, completely recovered. He asks why Dio wants him to live and Dio answers him truthfully that the reason for his existence is to fight him. Listening to him, Casshern realizes that Dio is just like every human and robot he has met: "They live earnestly. They lived far more than those healed by Luna, or me." But even as he realizes this, he acknowledges that he does not understand. "Being immortal, I'll never understand. I don't understand the joys and fears of living and dying. I never will." Dio again implores him to fight and Casshern finally gives him what he wants, all the while realizing that he can feel Dio's will to live while fighting him.

Oi, what an episode. I'm not sure I understand what's up with Luna's blood but it's definitely double-edged: it can both heal and destroy. Perhaps not in the physical sense of destruction but it definitely has some adverse effects, if what's happening to Leda is any indication.

I think the pain is there as the way for the body to tell itself that what's happening to it because of the introduction of Luna's blood is unnatural. This is why Casshern has to suffer through so much just to restore his body to its previous state. I think this is what happened to Leda in this episode as well. But as to why her wound just keeps reappearing is kind of puzzling. It probably has something to do with the fact that this new Luna is not the same as the old Luna. It's like there's a missing element. This new Luna is unfeeling, more a robot really than any of the robots combined, like she lacks soul, or at least some vital part of her that makes up her whole being. I'm referring to the nano cells, of course. And speaking of which, whatever happened to those?