Friday, March 6, 2009

Claymore 89: Isley's Demise

Just had to post this.... *SPOILER*
The Abyss Feeders are victorious! And Isley takes a fall. I don't like Isley as a character so I couldn't care less about his death but being eaten alive is a horrible way to die, for anyone. With Isley down, the Organization trains its eyes on Riful of the West. Now, unlike Isley, I like Riful...mainly because of her manipulative personality. At any rate, she makes for an awesome villain, so I'm kind of hoping to see more of her evilness in the coming chapters of Claymore and certainly not her death. I guess now's a good time as any for Riful to put the merged bodies of Luciela and Raphaela to good use, assuming her experiment with the help of Renee has succeeded.

The next coming chapters of Claymore is going to be so awesome! I can hardly wait. Especially since Alicia and Bess are finally on the move!


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