Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marimite 4th 12: The Search Is On

It's Valentine's Day and guess who's going dere-dere all of a sudden?
EPISODE 12: Crisscross
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Previously, Touko has had an encounter with Sachiko and figures out that she's been misunderstanding Yumi all this time. While crying by herself, Touko gets comforted by Noriko, who is only surprised to see her reveal true emotions for a change. But has Touko really changed for the better? Noriko finds out that it's a kind of one-time deal as the next Monday Touko goes back to her tsun ways.
Meanwhile, since it's Valentine's Day, Yumi has something to give Sachiko. Before she can do it, however, Sachiko urges her to go somewhere else with her. The two of them proceeded to the black of the school building where they make out like crazy exchange Valentine's Day chocolates. It turns out that Sachiko is plenty aware that other students are watching their every move, considering that the previous Valentine's Day, Sachiko rejected all chocolate offerings from other students and only accepted Yumi's. Some time later, Yumi goes back to the Rose Mansion and arrives there just as Noriko is handing her Valentine's Day chocolate to Shimako. Yumi is all OMGWTF LEZBO ALERT LYK WHOA I'M SO SORRY! But actually, nothing happened and it's all just Yumi's overactive imagination. Inside the Rose Mansion now, Yoshino is not too excited about the Valentine's Day event since Rei can't participate because of finals. Then Mami arrives and they, along with Shimako and Yumi, discuss the upcoming event.
Meanwhile, Touko finds herself looking at the promo poster for the Valentine's Day event but walks off once more. She encounters Sachiko in the stairway and attempts to ignore her. But Sachiko, Magnet of Unrequited Student Admiration (TM) shall have none of it as she calls out Touko on her bluff. She says that for her Yumi is like a mirror that shows her all her weaknesses and that even though it is painful to be with her, it is much more painful to be away from her. She adds that she's been preparing herself for the day when Yumi picks a petite-soeur but that since Touko hasn't even bothered to join the Valentine's Day event, she feels she (Touko) is not even worth the challenge and that she (Sachiko) has really nothing to worry about. Now, of course, this makes Touko think.
Finally, the search begins. All the participating students, Touko among them, disperse, searching obvious places like the library and the greenhouse. Some students figure out that Shimako has provided clues for finding her card while Touko uses a map to decide which is the likely place for Yumi to hide her card. Sachiko, on the other hand, makes no effort at all and instead invites all the students who are fans of Yumi to tea at the Rose Mansion. Meanwhile, Rei returns from exams, all sad that she can't join in the hunt for Yoshino's card. While praying that no other student would find it, she looks up and sees the yellow card taped near the window of the school building. Just then, Chisato, a long-time Yellow Rose fan, appears at the window to wave at her. Back at the Rose Mansion, the students start to wonder why Sachiko is even trying to search for Yumi's card, so she tells them, matter-of-factly, that she's waiting for Yumi to show her weakness. Noriko excuses herself after a while to check up on Touko.
Noriko finds the Touko in the map section of the library, searching through blank maps, and asks if there is something about blank maps between her (Touko) and Yumi. Touko's nonresponse is all the answer that Noriko needs as she points out that Yumi is not the kind of person who would hide her card in a place only she and Touko would know about. She adds that Touko is searching for Yumi in a little room when in fact Yumi is too big to be contained in such a tiny space. Touko asks her if that is what Noriko came to tell her for and she answers that because they are friends, she is obliged to tell her things even when she doesn't want to. When Noriko returns to the Rose Mansion, Shimako holds her closely, apparently noticing that her nose is red. Noriko assures her that she is just fine. Just then, Rei arrives to announce that she has found the Yellow Card, much to Yoshino's surprise. However, once she sees the yellow card up close she finds out that it's just a note from Rei saying that she's planning on baking a chocolate cake for her to make up for Valentine's Day. Yoshino scolds her for even thinking about something like that when she's got more serious stuff, like exams, to be worried about. Then Rei reveals that she indeed found the Yellow Card but won't tell where in order to be fair.
Chisato, the girl from before, then appears, holding up Yoshino's Yellow Card and announcing that she's found it. Yoshino is beyond shocked, especially since Chisato was also the one who found Rei's card last year. With one card revealed, all they have to do now is wait until the other two are found. Sachiko still hasn't made her move while Touko continues to sit by herself in the library, replaying Sachiko's words and memories of Yumi inside her head, until she finds the will to stand up and leave the room. As Touko comes charging down the hallway, over the school grounds and into the Rose Mansion, Sachiko stands up and glides walks towards where Yumi is seated. There is an infinite pause as Yumi waits for Sachiko and Touko arrives at that precise moment, surprising everyone but Yumi most of all. What's going to happen next?

So dramatic.

lol I totally love Yumi's facial expressions in this episode, especially that part where she imagines how people looked at her and Sachiko's relationship.

Let's see. I think this episode belongs to Shimako. She is so awesome in this episode but in such a subtle way that you don't even notice. She's turning out to be a great onee-sama for Noriko as they complement each other. Noriko tends to care too much and get into the middle of things while Shimako prefers to observe and only deal a hand when it's absolutely necessary. I'm seeing a lot of Sei in Shimako and a lot of Youko in Noriko.

Of course, Sachiko is always the Queen of Awesome and all her words are so wonderfully ambiguous I'm sure fangirls are dying all over them. I like what she said about Yumi being so honest she's like a mirror. So that's what Yumi's appeal is.

Next episode: What we've all been waiting for. Will Touko accept Yumi's rosary this time around?