Monday, March 16, 2009

NANA 81: Delayed Reaction


And in NANA, we're still mourning over Ren's death.

God, Yazawa-sensei is certainly dragging this whole Ren-is-dead-ohmygod-what's-gonna-happen-to-Nana, when we all know exactly what's going to happen as shown in the flash forward chapters. But I guess, we need these chapters in order to understand better why Nana faked her own death and ran off to freakin' Wales.

You'd think, by her extreme reaction, that noone was there for her at her darkest moment. But no, that seems not to be the case. As a matter of fact, as soon as the news comes out that Ren is dead, the first concern is: go see to Nana.

Yasu risks his deepening relationship with Miu to be with her. Nobu even leaves his pornstar girlfriend to stay with Nana as she sleeps in her room. Granted, I don't like the pornstar girlfriend and her little-girl issues much, but I do respect Miu. She's shaping up to be an excellent character and I feel like hitting Yasu in the head for being so...crass.

I mean, Hachi is way better. This girl has really matured. From being a clueless tramp in the first few volumes of NANA, she has moved on to become a thoughtful and considerate person. She's there for her friend, see, and she has never been otherwise, but she has sense enough to realize that her whole life does not necessarily stop just because that of one of her friends has. While she cares about Nana, she also considers Takumi's feelings, knowing that unlike Nana, he won't have anybody.

Of course, it turns out that Takumi has other plans. I think maybe he's going off to comfort Reira, his surrogate sister / mistress / love-of-his-life. But the point is that, Hachi cares and actually thought about him, which is more than you can say about all the other characters in NANA, including (most especially) Nana O. herself, who has got to be the most selfish character in this manga. But let's give her some consideration. She is, in fact, going through so much and one can't really quantify grief.

Hachi has gone from the band's mascot to surrogate mother
Hachi breathes for Nana