Monday, April 13, 2009

Claymore 90: Clare vs. Dauf Part 2

After the rather hyped up ending of the previous chapter, especially with the overdue reappearance of Alicia and Beth, nothing much actually happens in this chapter of Claymore. Alicia and Beth appeared in like the first page and I don't know which twin it is but she's angry or something (veins around her face and hands appeared), but after that, Miria, Galatea and Tabitha stood around and pretty much just summed up what we already know from Chapter 89.

Then, a cloaked figure arrives, all mysterious-like, and I have to admit, Miria looked really cool (yay!) but the new arrival turns out to be just Dietrich who has come to inform Miria's harem about Isley and the Abyss Feeders, and Helen and Deneve's plan to meet up with Clare's harem.

Also, we find out that Dietrich was originally (this was probably before Miata and Clarice were deployed) assigned by the Organization to track Galatea, so we get to see the little-girl-in-pigtails and the blind nun have a verbal spar for a brief while before Miria got everybody down to business.

In other news, Clare, Cynthia and Uma find themselves chased by Dauf. Clare and Cynthia have little problem eluding the idiot but Uma is not doing so good. Dauf finds her first, forcing Clare and Cynthia to come to her rescue with little success. We all remember how thick-skinned Dauf is and even Clare's new windcutter technique provides no more than a split-second distraction. Eventually, Clare makes the hard choice of cutting off one of Uma's leg (which Dauf is holding on to) and the three of them escape.

Afterwards, Cynthia says that it will take all of her powers to heal Uma since the latter has weak regenerative skills. This probably means bad for Helen, who, along with Deneve, is on her way to meet Clare's group precisely because she needs Cynthia's healing powers. If Cynthia exhausts her abilities helping Uma, Helen might have a problem.

On the other hand, Clare's got problems of her own as she decides to leave the Cynthia and Uma to themselves in order to meet Raphaela.

The past and the present are coming together! Raphaela, being one of the oldest Claymores, knows a lot about the Organization, has met Teresa as a child, and has supposedly killed Irene, the latter two of whom have at some point become important to Clare's life. Also, Riful and Clare! And it looks like Miria's harem are heading to the West as well. Will Galatea go with them, I wonder. Galatea might be the only one who can "wake" the merged bodies of Luciela and Raphaela.