Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Claymore 91: Where very little happens

oh yeah, SPOILERS, people.

Don't really have much to say other than: But it's so short! And a whole month to wait for the next issue. WHY, dammit!

So basically, it's Clare in Riful's territory. Riful is still experimenting with Renee, who's pretending to be in the middle of re-attaching her severed legs when in reality, she's just using the delay to regain much of her strength in order to make her escape.

Meanwhile, Dauf encounters Clare at the entrance to Riful's lair and out of frustration because he can't catch Clare, he awakens, which pisses Riful off and brings her out of her hideout to take care of the problem. While she's gone, Renee makes her escape.

Riful comes out of the cave in her fully awakened form, much to Clare's chagrin. Fortunately, before they come face to face, Riful notices Renee's youki disappear and realizes that she (Renee) just used the youki-suppressing pill. Riful, thus, turns back, promising to teach Renee a lesson. Meanwhile, Clare makes her way deep into the cave with the intention of saving Renee only to sense something very strange. The next instant, she's standing in the middle of the chamber where the merged bodies of Luciela and Raphaela are hanging.
Riful in her awakened form is so awesome. Her one-on-one fight with Clare is going to be so awesome. That is, if it's ever going to happen.