Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Natsu no Arashi 09: Time Paradox and Stained-glass Witches

Ok, so it's been a while since I blogged about this series. I won't be posting the missed episodes anymore. They weren't special anyway. This one however is pretty interesting as it addresses for the first time the repercussions of tim
EPISODE 09: Now is the Time to be a Hero!

The stained-glass girls, Kanako and Yayoi, continue their usual discussion about Yayoi's latest reading escapade when an unexpected thing happens: Yayoi falls down unconscious. After the opening credits, Master tries to get Arashi and company to travel back in time with a pack of spoiled mackerel. Kaja is set against the idea while Arashi and Hajime try to rationalize the situation. Their argument lead them to discuss the time paradox as they wonder what happens to the present world whenever they travel back in time to change some aspects of the past. Hajime then comes up with the theory that the main consequence of their time travel is the creation of parallel worlds. He thinks this is brilliant and tantamount to bringing back people who are supposed to be dead, but Kaja points out that it would also mean that people who were supposed to be born won't come into being. This forces Arashi to realize that her actions of changing the past might not be entirely for the good. In order to make her feel better, Hajime gets her to travel back with him to 1985 wherein they meet a boy named Murata Hideo, the son of the same boy whom Arashi once saved from the air raids. A grateful Arashi then gives Hajime a hug. In the meantime, the private detective find himself the object of Kanako's wrath when he still could not bring Arashi to them. After the detective leaves, Kanako decides to go to Arashi herself. At the Ark Cafe, Kanako meets Arashi for the first time with the latter not realizing who the other is. While Arashi serves her, Kanako touches her hand, under the pretense of admiring it, and sends Arashi into a fainting spell. Later, it is revealed that for ethereal spirits like Arashi and Kaja, using their powers too much can cause their essence to become unstable and cease to exist. Much later, while Hajime and Arashi are on their way home, they encounter Kanako yet again, who proceeds to absorb more of Arashi's powers right in front of a helpless Hajime.

Interesting twist. I didn't realize Yayoi and Kanako were the bad guys. Are they? I assumed they weren't since they all seemed to be friendly with each other in Episode 1. Hmm.

I think my problem with Natsu no Arashi mainly is that in between good episodes like this one, I have to sit through others that are just meh.