Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tegami Bachi 02-03: Lag's Journey

Gauche and Lag continue on their journey to Cambel but not without some trouble along the way. In the end, the aloof Gauche forms a special bond with the letter-boy, Lag. Five years later, a grown-up Lag leaves Cambel with Letter Bee Connor in order to become a Letter Bee himself.
EPISODE 02: My Friend
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Lag begins to warm up to Gauche and his dingo, Roda, but is still intent on finding his mother. He asks Gauche to take him to Akatsuki, the capital city of AmberGround if the latter becomes Head Bee. Gauche, however, remains steadfast to his duty as Letter Bee and wants no connections with the boy. Upset by this, Lag steals Gauche's shindanjuu and heads for the capital by himself. However, he falls into a trap laid by a sand bug monster. Fortunately, Gauche arrives in time to save his hide but misses his shot. As they prepare to shoot the bug again, Lag reveals a spirit amber in his left eye, which strengthens the power of the shindanjuu and destroys the bug. Later, Lag carries an injured Gauche all the way to Cambel where they are received by Lag's Aunt Sabrina. Three days later, Gauche regains consciousness but is promptly thrown out by Aunt Sabrina for saying something imprudent. He finds out soon enough that the town is not friendly towards Letter Bees. Lag gives him some food and water. Gauche finally treats Lag as a friend and before he leaves, Lag shouts that he wants to be a Letter Bee like Gauche when he grows up. Five years later, Lag prepares to embark on a journey to become a Letter Bee.
EPISODE 03: Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl
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For five years, Lag lives with his Aunt Sabrina in Cambel while studying hard to become a Letter Bee. Finally, he passes the preliminary exams and is granted an interview at Yuusari. Letter Bee Connor is going to take him there through the train station in town. While at the station, however, Lag finds a girl with blond hair and blue eyes sitting in a niche. He and Connor find an address stamp on her sleeve but the details are not clear. Connor says that she can't be delivered and will eventually be discarded. Remembering his own past, Lag decides to deliver the girl himself much to Connor's discomfort. Now journeying together, Lag asks for the girl's name but she says that she has many nicknames, so he settles on calling her "Niche." At first, the girl refuses to accept it. Just then, Lag hears some noise and assumes that it's a bug monster. However, it turns out to be just a snake, which the girl takes down with little effort. This encounter doesn't improve the girl's opinion of Lag. Later, Lag makes an uncomfortable discovery about Niche, prompting him to offer her his extra pair of underwear. Niche again refuses but after Lag says that she's pretty, she puts it on, saying only that he is the first man to make her wear underwear. She then accepts the name that Lag gave her.

I can't get over how gorgeous this anime is. I thought I'd be bored by the abundance of blue and purple hues but the whole thing is so pretty I don't really mind. I think, out of all the anime shows released this season, Tegami Bachi has the highest production values. Yep, besting even Production I.G.'s Kimi ni Todoke, which is starting to downgrade after only the third episode. Tegami Bachi, however, doesn't seem to suffer from the same handicap and I hope Studio Pierrot is able to maintain the same quality all towards the end.

The story is still in its character-introduction phase so there isn't much going on. I didn't expect them to take Gauche out of the picture so soon. Just when I was finally getting comfy with his character. Oh, well. Niche more than makes up for it. I always find that tsundere makes things more fun and she is not exception. Good thing the next episode seems to be more about her and we'll find out what's her deal.

I hope the plot picks up soon because as it is, the series is pretty boring, especially when compared to all the other interesting shows I'm blogging/watching. Then again, with its great visuals, it'd be a shame to drop the series.