Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yasashii Jikan no Naka de (Eve no Jikan Image Song)

RELEASED: August 2009
1. Yasashii Jikan no Naka de (Time of Tenderness) (by Rie Tanaka/Sammy)
2. Yasashii Jikan no Naka de (Time of Tenderness) (piano version)
3. Yasashii Jikan no Naka de (Time of Tenderness) (instrumental)

Yasashii Jikan no Naka de (lit. "Time of Tenderness") is the image song for Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Eve no Jikan ("Time of Eve").

The first track is performed by Rie Tanaka, Sammy's seiyuu. I'm not too fond of it. Neither do I like the instrumental version, used as the ending theme in Act05. That leaves only the second track, the piano version. I am partial to piano pieces and while this one isn't amazing by itself (for one, it's far too short), I remember liking it while I was watching the episode. If only for the second track and the very cute CD cover of Sammy, you should try to get this CD.

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Eve no Jikan is set in Japan in the near future where androids are as ordinary as household appliances. On the surface, the story revolves around two boys, Rikuo and Masaki, who one day follow Sammy, Rikuo's house android, to the Eve Cafe, a coffeeshop with a most unusual rule: customers must treat androids and humans alike while inside the premises. There they meet all sorts of characters, not even knowing whether they are humans or androids. As the boys continue their visits to the place, the Ethics Committee make their own moves to put a stop to establishments like the Eve Cafe.

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