Saturday, November 28, 2009

Armed Librarians 08-09: Noloty's Adventure Part 2

Late post. Better than never.
EPISODE 08: A Pond, Comrades and a Seashell
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 08

Enlike fights another duel to the death, this time against someone who can control water. He wins again. While he recuperates, the girl who has been taking care of their camp attempts to kill him but fails. Meanwhile, Zatoh reveals himself to be the monster that attacked the Library. Mince tells an incredulous Noloty that Zatoh is a "bookeater" and can use the magic of those whose books he has eaten, including Enlike's. But somehow Enlike is able to overcome Zatoh and controls his body for a while, thus, explaining his suicidal tendencies when Noloty found him. While Noloty and Mince try to stop Zatoh in his tracks, Enlike once more tries to gain control over Zatoh and this time he gets the help of his former comrades, whose books Zatoh has likewise consumed.

EPISODE 09: A True Man, A Battlefield and My World
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra 09

After the apparent success of Noloty's mission, Zatoh is given leave to wander around Library grounds. But many of the armed librarians have misgivings, believing him to be a spy for the Shideki Church. As usual noone knows what Hamyuts is thinking. Everybody's fears are seemingly confirmed when Zatoh makes contact with Ganbanzel, but strangely enough Hamyuts cannot pick up on Ganbanzel's presence with her sensory threads. Zatoh eventually agrees to meet with Ganbanzel and kills him. It turns out that this is Ganbanzel's true desire. Another Shideki Church member takes his book. On his way out, he meets Hamyuts and it is revealed that she and him have an arrangement of sorts.


Just when I thought this anime was getting predictable, everything is suddenly more interesting. I guess I made a mistake in thinking this is a no-brainer sort of show. Lesson learned: Do not judge an anime by the number of large-breasted females in it. Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra requires some thinking.

Mistake #1 -- I totally thought Enlike and Zatoh are the same person. I thought it was too obvious but also thought that this anime isn't the sort that shies away from the obvious. I never thought they would come up with this interesting twist: A bookeater. How about that? I totally did not expect that. Which therefore makes me doubly wary about this new twist.

Is Hamyuts good or bad? I know we're supposed to think she's a traitor. After all, she has so far been shown as walking a line between the Shideki Church's twisted sense of morals and capacity for ruthlessness and the Armed Librarians' noble mission of protecting people's books. Make that, she has the attitude of a Shideki Church member but strangely fights in favor of the other side. Which side is she on?

I think she's on nobody's side. She has her own agenda. Just as that old man who collects books has his own agenda. And I think this agenda of theirs is much more significant than the petty quarrels between the Shideki Church and the Armed Librarians. Moreover, achieving this agenda can actually resolve everything for both organizations.

Or at least, that's what I think. I could be totally wrong. Hamyuts could be working something out behind the scenes to destroy either the Armed Librarians or the Shideki Church. Who knows. We'll find out soon enough.