Saturday, November 7, 2009

Armed Librarians 4-5: Bye-bye, Cigal. Volken, you too?

In the final showdown between Hamyuts and Cigal, an unlikely hero emerges and Volken does the unthinkable, leaving a devastated Miropec behind.
EPISODE 04: An Evening, Shiron and Colio
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The battle between Hamyuts and Cigal is in full blow and both are not in a humorous mood. Cigal reveals that he is carrying Shiron's "laughing sword" which can negate all kinds of attack against its wielder and at the same time strike the opponent with deadly accuracy. Hamyuts is in for the fight of her life. Meanwhile, Colio arrives at Lea's house where the final fragment from Shiron's book is kept and discovers that the man that Shiron is waiting for in the future is none other than him. With this knowledge, he immediately heads for the mines and arrives there just in time to save Hamyuts from death and kill Cigal. But in the process, the mines collapse and Colio dies, finally reunited in death with Shiron. A few days later, Volken pays a visit to Miropec who, along with Hamyuts and Matt, is recovering from their recent ordeal and gives her a mysterious book about "Othello." Afterwards, Volken disappears with the Armed Librarians' most coveted treasure, Ylucklucu.

EPISODE 05: A Betrayal, A Cup and a Meandering Path
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra 05

Everyone is shocked by Volken's betrayal but Miropec takes it the worst. Hamyuts has other ideas, however, as she commissions one of her subordinates to use his "sacred eyes" on Volken. As Miropec tries to come to grips with her emotions, a friendly comment from Mince has her descending into the library's labyrinth, looking for a book that might help her understand her feelings. Later, inebriated with alcohol, she makes the mortifying discovery that she is in love with Volken, which discovery has her wanting to forget having even met him. Hamyuts does not think this is a good idea but humors her anyway and then goes around that same evening, telling people never to mention Volken in Miropec's presence again. The next day, a normal-acting Miropec goes about her daily business but drinks her tea with honey in it.


I don't really have much to say about these episodes. Looks like Episode 4 was the final one for the Shiron Arc and now it looks like the series is building up for another arc. I was a bit surprised to find that Colio would die just like that. I thought he would be a series mainstay. I guess I was wrong. He was given a nice character death though so I can't find fault in that.

And now the series is focusing on Volken. I think the whole thing with Miropec is a bit ham-fisted. I didn't really want to know that she was in love with Volken. I think the series could have played it better by preying instead on her loyalty to her friend and her loyalty to the Armed Librarians and the consequences on both with Volken's betrayal. I could do with just hints. I was cheering for the two anyway but I didn't want it slapped in my face like that. Although it was a very entertaining episode, seeing the always composed Miropec completely beside herself, it was still too much info in one episode.

I am intrigued by that old man. I wonder who's side he's on. And what is up with the Othello book? They're all connected I'm sure.

I really get a kick out of Hamyuts' hobby. XD Most incongruous in a woman like that.