Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chara - Kataomoi (Kimi ni Todoke ED Single)

RELEASED: 11.18.2009
LABEL: Universal Music
1. Kataomoi
2. Genki wo Dashite
3. Kataomoi (instrumental)

Finally the ED single for Kimi ni Todoke. I've had this up for like a week already but waited until today to post it. I waited because today is supposed to be my Kimi ni Todoke schedule. Yes, yes, I'm trying to follow a schedule.

Chara - Kataomoi CDs (all versions) @ Play-Asia
Chara - Kataomoi CDs (all versions) @ Yes Asia
Anyhoo, as you probably know, the single is called Kataomoi. It literally means "Unrequited Love" and seems kind of strange as an ending theme for this anime but what the hell. It's a really pretty song sang by Chara, who also has a really pretty voice. The single has three acoustic tracks all in all, with the third track being an instrumental version of Kataomoi.

Kataomoi is the third track from Chara's 13th studio album, Carol.

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