Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tegami Bachi 04-05: Niche is made of awesome

Lag and Niche arrive in Rent Town but all is not well, especially for Niche. Meanwhile, Niche insists that she becomes Lag's dingo and won't take no for answer.
EPISODE 04: Lag's Dingo
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Lag and Niche arrive in Rent Town and waste no time looking for "Love Someone Down" (hilariously spelled out as Rabusamu Wandaun by fansub group KSN. I even thought it was German at first until I saw the official info XD). But it turns out to be a circus group, headed by a mercenary ringleader. Naive Lag leaves Niche and heads for Yuusari. On his way there, he realizes that he forgot to have the delivery receipt signed. Upon his return, he receives information about the circus' latest creature, the Daughter of Maka (a rare creature with golden swords all over its body) but it turns out that this creature is none other than Niche. He arrives in time to see Niche destroy the circus and free all the captive animals. He follows her up to Broccoli Forest, which is Gaichuu territory, but Niche proves to be more capable than she looks. She cuts off the Gaichuu's head but gets injured in the process. To save her, Lag shoots a shindan from his gun and kills the Gaichuu. Niche sees Lag's memories and decides to become his dingo.

EPISODE 05: Dead End Town
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Lag and Niche arrive in Kyrie, the bordertown to Yuusari. It is also a dead end town as it is where travelers without any permits to cross the bridge to Yuusari end up. They meet a girl named Nelli who wants to send a letter to Jiggy Pepper, a letter bee in Yuusari. Nelli appears to be helpful but it is all an act as she tricks Lag into handing her his things, along with his traveling permit. When Lag tries to take it back, Nelli tells everyone in Kyrie that Lag has a permit to Yuusari. The whole town erupts into chaos as people began scrambling for Lag's permit, knocking out Nelli in the process. Niche hears the commotion and goes to Lag's rescue. While Lag is distracted, Nelli makes a run for Yuusari with Lag's permit.


The series still looks good but my interest in it is definitely waning. I keep waiting for it to get awesome but it's really not. The format reminds me of Kino no Tabi but with less depth and better art. Somehow, this doesn't make the series any more interesting in my eyes. I'm dropping this series all together and transfering my blogging schedule for Kimi ni Todoke to its slot.