Monday, December 14, 2009

Armed Librarians 11: Hamyuts vs. Mokkania

Mokkania and Hamyuts "resolve their differences," plus a juicy preview between two certain cool characters.

EPISODE 11: A Past, A Weakling and Moving the Queen
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After taking care of Feekie, Mokkania hurries to his mother's side. Just as Feekie discovered, Mokkania's mother is not evil. On the contrary, she abhors violence and only tolerates it in Mokkania this time, believing that they are under attack. Hamyuts arrives at that moment and Mokkania has to let one of his ants lead his mother back to his room where she would be safe while he faces against the Acting Director herself.

Even with Schlamuffen, Hamyuts has a lot of trouble fighting off Mokkania and his ants. The fight between the two strongest armed librarians is long and intense. During the fight, it is revealed that Mokkania fought in the Quinbecs War but was so overwrought with his guilt over killing so many that afterwards he refused to leave the labyrinth. Meanwhile, Winkenzy also has a flashback of when he was a child left in the care of the Shideki Church by his mother. It has been prophesied that Mokkania would someday threaten the Shideki Church so the organization instill in the child Winkenzy's psyche to see Mokkania as his enemy -- "ignore the pawns and knights and aim only for the queen." In his quest to understand Mokkania, Winkenzy's investigation turned into an obsession. While retracing Mokkania's childhood, he discovered that Mokkania lost his mother at an early age. Not long after, Winkenzy met his own mother but found that she didn't hold any memories for him. With this, Winkenzy finally realized what made Mokkania join the armed librarians: to someday see his mother through her book.

Mokkania does find the book in question. Winkenzy, however, finds a meat that looks exactly like Renas Fluru and makes her read Renas' book over and over until the former's memories become her own. In short, the woman that Mokkania meets in the labyrinth is an impostor but with the real person's memories. Winkenzy then blackmails Mokkania into betraying the armed librarians and kill Hamyuts Meseta by threatening to expose the truth to the meat. Not wanting to lose his mother all over again, Mokkania has no choice but to do as told.

Meanwhile, the fake Renas is slowly making her way to Mokkania's room. On her way there, she stumbles on a rock and falls down. While looking for her cain, she accidentally touches the fragment of the real Renas' book. Back in the battle arena, Hamyuts chases Mokkania into a narrow hallway, but this turns out to be a trap. Mokkania watches Hamyuts struggle and then suddenly everything goes quiet. Realizing that he has won this battle, Mokkania hurries again to his mother. However, the fake Renas already knows she isn't really Mokkania's mother.

After some time, Hamyuts manages to break free and calls out for Mokkania. He heeds the call and leaves his mother side once more but not before asking her to forgive him. When Hamyuts sees Mokkania's countenance, she is disappointed. Mokkania soliloquys his regret at killing so many people when his mother taught him not to bully the weak. To end his suffering, he uses his own powers against himself. After he dies, Hamyuts mutters that he is a stupid child. Winkenzy negates her, arguing that Mokkania has achieved true happiness. Hamyuts nonchalantly lights a match and throws it at Winkenzy. As Winkenzy burns up, he also makes the realization that all his efforts have so far been to help Mokkania unite with his mother. At this, Hamyuts also brands him a stupid child.

Later Hamyuts walks up to the fake Renas and introduces herself. Renas is surprised to find that Hamyuts is a woman. Hamyuts offers to help her back to the surface but Renas insists that she can walk by herself.

In a flashback, Renas is shown walking hand in hand with a young Mokkania. They come upon a swarm of ants and it is here that Renas imparts the lesson that would define Mokkania throughout his life. The scene whites out and then adult Mokkania's voice could be heard saying he's home.

What an anticlimactic end for a character who exhibited so much initial promise. What the hell is wrong with this series? Coming up with such tragic characters. I mean, I don't mind tragedy, really, but when it's being taken as seriously as this series does (when the plot isn't really much to begin with), it gets a bit self-laudatory. They might as well say: "I have a tragic past so I kill myself." Hamyuts has it down: stupid children.

That aside, the showdown between Hamyuts and Mokkania was pretty fun to watch. I don't think I've ever seen Hamyuts with a desperate expression like she did in this fight. Not even when she was fighting Cigal wielding the Schlamuffen. So Mokkania really is her equal but now that he's dead, I wonder if there is anyone left who could stand a chance against her? Not that they wouldn't try anyway.

I think the series also made it clear in this episode that Hamyuts isn't necessarily working with the Shideki Church for whatever purpose. I think she just allows these Shideki Church members to infiltrate Bantorra because without them constantly trying to kill her, she would be spending her days sewing up little bunny cartoons on her shirt. So she does it for the lulz. Somehow, that makes her a cooler character in my eyes.

Speaking of cool characters, check out the next episode's preview.

Hamyuts was a glasses chick! lulz how apropros

And what's this? Did my crack couple become canon (again)?