Saturday, January 30, 2010

Armed Librarians 17: Volken is back, is gone again

...and he's back. He's gone. Wait, what?
EPISODE 17: A Return Home, An Encounter, and Fiery Green
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Enlike is spending a lot of time with fake Renas Fluru, who is trying to remember the past. Meanwhile, the armed librarians receive a most unexpected house guest -- Volken, the traitor. Hamyuts aggravates the situation further by making a great show of welcoming Volken back into their fold. Only Mattalast knows she's planning something else.

It's been decided that a trial is going to be held against the traitor but Volken is confident that his former comrades would understand the reason for his actions. He has it in mind to topple Hamyuts off from power by exposing her wicked ways to everyone. However, without any hard evidence to prove his claims, no one is willing to take up his cause. Even Mirepoch, his closest friend, has forgotten about him. Or has she?

Meanwhile, an encounter with the fake Renas Fluru reveals the whereabouts of Olivia Litlet and of Vend Ruga, whom Hamyuts already tried to kill once. This prompts Volken to escape from Bantorra once more, bringing Renas with him. But with his former teacher, Vizac, hot on his tails, will Volken make it out safely this time?


I have to admit I'm a bit surprised by the way this series manages to connect seemingly insignificant events from previous episodes and reveal them later on as essential plot points in the grand scheme of things. I'm not saying it's well done. It's a little too convenient to be thoroughly convincing. It might impress some people. I say I've seen series with better execution than this. But the fact that the series is still trying to pull up one surprise after another like this gives it appeal. It's compelling in a way a lackluster magician still manages to pull out that rabbit out of his hat each time.

As for this episode, PLOT HOLES, my god! Volken comes back and is supposed to be held for trial and yet is allowed to roam the island, unguarded. No wonder he escaped! What's more, he escaped on the plane that he used to get into the island. OMG! Like, aren't the armed librarians supposed to be this elite group of fighters? How good are they if they can't even take care of security in their own effin' headquarters? The least they could have done was put Volken's plane on lockdown. Jesus.

Anyhoo, the series has a new opening and ending. The opening features new characters, including the blond one we saw earlier and little Hamyuts playing with this other kid. The ending features the Volken x Mirepoc and Noloty x Enlike pairings as well as Hamyuts in moe mode. I'm not extremely interested in this series now. All I'm interested about is how they're going to end this: Will they kill Hamyuts? Or Volken? I don't care either way.