Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 11-13: Sadako faces up to feelings

Kurumi finally shows her true personality to Sadako but Sadako is so clueless she misunderstands all the clues. Meanwhile, at the sports festival, Sanada saves Sadako from a lethal curveball, making Kazehaya jealous. Kurumi decides to use this chance to put a rift in Kazehaya and Sadako's friendship.
EPISODE 11: "Special?"
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After revealing her feelings for Kazehaya to Sadako, Kurumi asks for her help. Sadako, however, realizes that Kazehaya is "special" for her as well and so she cannot wholeheartedly support Kurumi's feelings for him. This draws Kurumi's ire as she points out that she (Sadako) only feels that way because Kazehaya has been kind to her. She adds that even if it isn't Kazehaya, Sadako would think a person who's been kind to her as "special." At the soccer game, the guys comment that Sadako is blending in more with the rest of the students. Sadako's team wins, thanks to Sadako's saving kick and Yoshida's athletic prowess. Next is the boys' softball game and volleyball for girls where both Yano and Yoshida play. Yano, who picks up Sadako x Kazehaya, tells Sadako to watch the boys' game in their place and gives her a parting advice not to lose, referring to Kurumi, but Sadako (and Yoshida), of course, has no clue. She ends up asking Kurumi to watch the game with her. While waiting for the game to start, Sadako tries to explain her own feelings for Kazehaya to the other girl. She has convinced herself that Kazehaya is the only boy she's talked with so if she talked with other boys then she would know if her feelings really are "special." This whole time, the softball teams are warming up. One of the boys throws a curveball which the other fails to catch and the ball ends up heading straight for Sadako's face. Thankfully, Ryuu is close by and catches it in the nick of time. Kazehaya sees this and gets eaten by jealousy. Realizing that this is her chance, Kurumi tells Sadako to privately thank Ryuu for saving her life and to talk to him more.

EPISODE 12: Feelings of Love
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The softball game begins and Sadako finds herself unable to take her eyes off Kazehaya. How can her feelings not be special? After the game, in which Kazehaya's team wins of course, Kurumi reminds Sadako of her statement to talk with other boys, starting with Ryuu. Meanwhile, Kazehaya draws Ryuu aside to talk to him about the incident of the latter saving Sadako. But before he can even get a word out, Ryuu tells him that he only did it because he was the one standing the closest. Still, Kazehaya thinks to himself that it felt like he should have been the one to do it. Later, Yano encounters Kurumi by the lockers and all but accuses her of spreading the rumors about her and Yoshida in school. But Kurumi says that she can't do anything about it without any proof. Yano knows this so lets it go for now. Much later, Ryuu finds a note purporting to be from Sadako in his locker, asking him to meet her at the back of the equipment room. The note is actually written by Kurumi who also tells Sadako to meet Ryuu at the same place. Clueless Sadako really wants to thank Ryuu for saving her and so the two of them end up hanging out for a while. Being naturally quiet people, there is little conversation between them until Sadako initiates one on the subject of romantic love, prompting Ryuu to admit that he loves Chizu. But when Sadako asks why, he can't tell the reason and adds philosophically that there isn't a need for one. At that moment, Kazehaya, at Kurumi's instigation, arrives and witnesses the seemingly intimate scene for himself.

EPISODE 13: Love
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Kurumi's plan of turning Kazehaya away from Sadako backfires as Kazehaya grabs Sadako and takes her away from Ryuu. He only stops once they are out of sight from the rest of the school and there he asks her if she likes Ryuu. Sadako is so surprised she can't speak at first; she says she likes Ryuu but not in that way, at the same time making the wonderful discovery that she loves Kazehaya. Kazehaya is so relieved to hear this he has to sit down for a while, then asks Sadako if she wants to go out with him as his girlfriend. This, however, is a little too much for Sadako, saying over and over that it's so "mature" and that she has to ask for Yano's advice. Kazehaya smiles after a moment and decides to leave their relationship at that. Meanwhile, Yano is telling Yoshida all about Kurumi's bad actions. At that moment, Ryuu appears and shows them the note from Kurumi pretending to be Sadako. With this as evidence, Yano plots to get back at Kurumi. Back to the equipment room, Pin finds Kurumi still standing there and comes to the absurd conclusion that the latter likes him. He rejects her just as Kazehaya comes by and hears everything to Kurumi's complete horror. Much later, Yano and Yoshida finally find Kurumi by herself and confront her with all their proof against the latter. Kurumi holds her ground well but at that moment, Sadako also arrives and Yano tells her that it was Kurumi who spread those rumors about them.

Looks like I.G. decided to extend the series. Good thing they did because Episode 13 makes for an unsatisfactory, albeit understandable, ending. Well, at least, the Sadako and Kazehaya pair is pretty much established even if Kazehaya, the dolt, still hasn't said anything about how he feels. Sigh. Guys will be guys. They expect us to read their minds or something.

On the other hand, Ryuu likes Chizu! Yay! Although why I'm so happy about that is beyond me. It's clear Chizu has no clue.

I actually feel a little sorry for Kurumi. That was really mean of Yano and Yoshida to gang up on her, even if it was Kurumi's fault in the first place. Personally, I don't like people who gang up on anyone no matter the reason.

So I guess I'll continue blogging this series to its conclusion. 11 more episodes. That's a lot, considering this series' slice of life approach. I'll just persevere. Anyway, I won't be blogging a lot of series for the Winter 2009 season.

By the way, I am perfectly aware that it's not in fact 'Sadako' but Sawako. I just like to refer to her as Sadako because that's what most of the characters call her and I guess the nickname stuck for me too.