Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 15: Sunglasses

Kurumi ♥ ~ I think I like her better like this.
EPISODE 15: Rival
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Kurumi and Sawako are still in the same spot, alternately crying and arguing and talking about Kazehaya. Sawako wonders if it would have been possible for her to be friends with Kurumi had they liked different people, but quickly thinks that if that were so, then she wouldn't have understood her feelings for Kazehaya at all because there would be no Kurumi to help her. Kurumi asks Sawako if she and Kazehaya are now going out. Ever the naive one, Sawako doesn't even think that Kurumi knows Kazehaya likes her (Sawako). Their crying bit now over, Kurumi leaves but not without Sawako telling her to tell Kazehaya about the misunderstanding with Pin.

Later, Kurumi remembers how in middle school she thought she had many friends only to find out that they had only been using her popularity with the boys in order to get close to the ones they like. So when one of these boys confessed to Kurumi, they all grew cold towards her. Only Kazehaya seemed to notice that she's hurting and because of this she promised never to tell anyone that she likes him until after she confesses to him.

Much later, Kurumi runs into Kazehaya and, despite herself, finally confesses that it's him she likes, not Pin. Kazehaya apologizes and adds that he likes someone else. Even so, he admits to being happy that Kurumi likes him.

Meanwhile, Sawako finally tells her two bestfriends that she likes Kazehaya. Yoshida is genuinely surprised while Yano pretends not to already know, but both say that they're happy for her.

The next day, Kurumi shows up in school wearing sunglasses and a new personality (her real personality). Pin interrogates her about the accessory but upon closer look, realizes who she is. He then wonders if it's because she had been crying her eyes out the night before after he's rejection. A furious but resigned Kurumi let's him think whatever he wants until Pin eventually does say something of interest: he says that high school boys, whether they like her or not, will think about a girl all the time after confessing to him.

Kurumi meets Sawako later and declares that even if Sawako and Kazehaya start going out, she will never give them her blessings. Then she adds that she will hate any girl whom Kazehaya likes. Sawako asks if they would never be friends and Kurumi says that rather than friends, they are rivals.

The sports festival ends and Sawako's class unfortunately ends up only at 6th place, much to Yoshida and Pin's dismay. Even so, the after-party planned by the class is still on and Kazehaya tells everyone to be there. On her way to the after-party, Sawako looks up 'rival' in the dictionary and discovers that it means "a good enemy." Not surprisingly, she is thrilled at having her first rival.

During the party, Yano and Yoshida ask Sawako all sorts of questions about Kazehaya until the girl finally can't stand it and has to step out. Kazehaya soon follows and finds her sleeping on the stairs. Kazehaya sits beside her, then whispers her name. A half-asleep Sawako says 'hai' then moves to rest her head against his shoulder.


This was a funny and cute episode. Not much I can say about it other than that. Also, I've decided to start calling her Sawako, now. It's not right to call her 'Sadako' anymore when the girl has gone through so much and came out of it with her original true personality still intact.

I also like Kurumi now. Well, I've always liked her scheming, manipulative ways. But now that she's out, it's become much more interesting.

Now, can we please have some Ryuu x Yoshida moments? XD