Friday, February 5, 2010

SoRaNoWoTo 04-05: Trippin'

EPISODE 04: Skies of the Rainy Season - Glass Rainbow
More Screencaps from SoRaNoWoTo 04

Noel and Kanata are sent to town to buy supplies as well as more parts for their tank, the Takemikazuchi. They stop by the glassworks shop where Kanata meets Naomi, its owner and the same lady who helped her on her first day in town. Kanata is enamored at the sight of the glass dolphins on display and Naomi tells her a little about the sea mammals. Later, they also run into Yumina, whom Kanata also knew from before, and some kids, one of whom is a boy who hates soldiers, blaming them for his parents' death. Lastly, they drop by the glassworks factory to check up on the optical lens which Noel has commissioned the factory owner, Carl, to make for the Takemikazuchi. However, they are having trouble analyzing the lens compatibility with the tank. Noel also feels down because of her earlier argument with the boy so Kanata tries to make her feel better by saying that machines are not evil by themselves. Whether or not they are good depends on the people running them. This does the trick and soon after, Noel falls into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, Kanata gets friendly with the factory workers and gets advice from Carl on how to improve her bugle playing. This in turn gives Noel an idea on how to analyze the optical lens by using Kanata's "absolute pitch" ability as glass can produce a distinct sound depending on its purity. The test is successful and the tank works, making Noel smile for the first time in a long while.

EPISODE 05: Mountain Trekking - The End of the World

The squad receive a guest in the person of Major Claus, whom Kureha apparently idolizes. Later on, Felicia sends the girls out to the mountains where some military observers need maintenance check. Kureha is convinced this is a mission even as Felicia insists it's just a "field trip." To make things more interesting, Rio has the girls carry heavy backpacks and warns them about wild boars, but secretly tails them to make sure they are all right. While they find the first observer with little trouble, the next observer is on top of a mountain. Too tired to go on, they stop halfway in order to play by the stream. But when they come back, they are dismayed to find that their backpacks have been raided, their food and compass gone. Eventually, they reach their destination and they see for themselves No Man's Land, a sandy deserted area that is the end of the inhabited world. Felicia soon appears and shows them the signatures of former members of the squad who have all seen No Man's Land from that point. Later, Felicia takes them to a hot spring inside a cave, where a dirtier, grimier Rio, who has just fought a wild boar to get bayberries, awaits.


I don't think I want to blog this series now. I'm still watching it that's for sure. It's not a very demanding show and that's just what I need right now. But I can't blog something like this. I can summarize it but I have no idea what to put in the comments section. -_-