Friday, March 26, 2010

Durarara!! 10-11: Secret Identity

Celty reveals her true nature to Mikado and in exchange Mikado tells her his secret identity???

EPISODE 10: Never Before Seen

Mikado accidentally bumps into the scarred girl (henceforth known as "Mika") who is running away from Celty. After hearing her beg for help, Mikado acts against his better instinct and helps her get away, going so far as to bring her to his apartment. In school the following day, Masaomi somehow finds out about the girl and teases hear about it. Later, as Mikado prepares to go home, he is met at the front gate by none other than Izaya and Celty. The two don't really try to do anything to him but they follow Mikado until he finally breaks and asks them what gives. Knowing what Celty wants, Mikado wants to know why so Celty reluctantly tells him her true nature as a dullahan. Mikado believes her story and consequently brings her to his apartment. He makes them wait outside while he goes inside to find Mika. However, once in, goons sent by Yagiri Namie pounce on him, demanding to know where Mika is. Apparently, the girl has already disappeared. Izaya and Celty hear the commotion coming from inside and rush in. Scared, the goons split, leaving Mikado, who then goes to his laptop with a determined look on his face.

EPISODE 11: Storm and Stress

Mikado contacts Yagiri Namie and arranges to meet with her in a crowded area in Ikebukuro. Namie agrees to the meet after Mikado promises that he would tell her where Mika is. Once there, however, Mikado confronts her about the truth of what she and her brother did and challenges her to surrender to the police. But Namie is incorrigible, confident that she has her money and her goons on her side. Meanwhile, more and more people gather around the area, apparently having been called there by an anonymous person. As Namie and Mikado's conversation heat up, with Mikado preaching his ideals and Namie sending the signal for her goons to move in, Mikado has no choice but to alert through text message all Dollars members in the area. They turn out to be everyone present (except Namie and her goons), including Kadota and his gang. Subsequently, Kadota and his gang, with Mika in tow, head to the top of a building where Celty is waiting. It turns out that Mikado, wanting to change his simple lifestyle in the country, created the Dollars some years ago with his online friends. The gang was largely set up through online rumors spread by Mikado and his online friends and password leaks to their website. But soon, the gang's membership grew out of proportion and Mikado's online friends disappeared. Mikado was thus left to handle everything himself but he managed to turn the gang's doings into something positive. After he graduated and moved to Tokyo, he saw the impact of Dollars for himself. Back to the present, Mikado's message to Dollars says that everyone who is not looking at his/her cellphone is the enemy. He says not to harm these people but to only stare at them. Namie and her goons are thus surrounded. Celty finds out that Mika, the girl with the scar, also calls herself "Celty." With this knowledge, Celty gets on her horse (her motorcycle) and rides down the side of the building, speaking for the first time as she announces herself. Everyone is in awe, partly with the otherwordly voice and partly with her grand entrance. Then somebody knocks Celty's helmet off, revealing that she is in fact the headless rider. The sight causes a commotion and while everybody is distracted, Yagiri Seiji finds Mikado and threatens him with a knife.


Interesting development. So, Mikado is the ring leader of Dollars. LOL Who knew? Also, Miria and Isaac make a cameo and they're in Shinsengumi costumes! The adorable idiots. As for Celty, I guess she's finally become whole once she figures out where exactly her head is. But precisely because she is a headless horseman, she doesn't really need her head in her possession to tap into her full powers. She is what she is, despite her being headless. I guess this is also what Shinra means when he tells her that she doesn't need her head. But now Celty is angry and I wonder who gets the brunt of that.'re in trouble, dude. Even though Celty mentioned that she might marry him, I don't think she'll be very pleased once she figures out that Shinra was connected to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals all along.