Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke 24: The Date

It's the night that Kazenoma shippers have all been waiting for! And guess what? They do nothing but mumble something cute and irrelevant, blush and send moony eyes at each other and it's all so freakin' awesome you can just die from the giddiness. Well, maybe not die, but you get the drift. :)
EPISODE 24: Birthday

So despite having been ditched by their friends, Kazehaya and Sawako continue on to the shrine. It's a quiet walk. That is, until Sawako slips on the stone steps and nearly falls. Kazehaya saves her at the last instant but the forced intimacy brings our two lovebirds into heights of discomfort and embarrassment the likes of which we've never seen before (and that's something coming from a show about awkward teens in awkward love). Good thing they both have such supportive friends, who decide to tag along in secret by the way. The ever wise and relationship-savvy Ayane comments that it's like watching a turtle race with these two. lmao Chizu and Ryuu agree, so Ayane gets Chizu to call Kazehaya and do some damage. I mean, do some good. Chizu, of course, being moderately idiot, speaks so loudly that Kazehaya actually hears her from where the three of them are hiding. But Chizu somehow convinces him she's somewhere else and then tells him that Sawako did not know her friends were going to ditch her at the last minute and so Kazehaya must now take care of her. Kazehaya gets the drift and steps back so he can walk beside Sawako, instead of ahead of her. If you don't know, Japanese men usually walk ahead of the women. It's a culture thing. Of course, it's a bit outdated now, but I think it's still the standard in most quarters of that country. Ayane and Chizu celebrate this slight progress in their Project: Get Kazenoma Together (TM) while Ryuu only cares about amazake. But alas, their celebration is cut short when they notice an idiot among the New Year's crowd.

It's Joe! And he's with his family! And they look exactly like him! Which is creepy but also funny. Knowing that Joe would never leave Kazehaya alone, Ayane and Chizu swiftly go into action and try to get Joe's attention. Joe, however, misinterprets (again) and thinks that he might have a chance with Ayane after all, much to Ayane's barely concealed disgust. But then Kazenoma pass right by and Joe doesn't notice so again, their plan works.

The lovebirds buy some amazake and Kazehaya is all, "I've never tasted amazake this good" and Sawako's like, "Omigosh! I'm seeing Kazehaya having a first, it's awesome! I love him!" Kazehaya disagrees and says that Sawako right now is seeing him having many firsts, like his first time alone with someone on New Year's Eve, his first time buying a girl a cellphone strap and his first time wearing a stomach warmer. Sawako is touched and all but at this last point, it occurs to her that the hat was definitely a better gift idea. lolz

Speaking of cellphone straps, Kazehaya asks if Sawako has an email address and Sawako sends him a text, even though he's right there, thanking him for everything he's done for her this year. Kazehaya asks her when her birthday is and Sawako tells him that it's today so Kazehaya greets her. Then Kazehaya gets her to talk about Sawako's life, like literally from infancy to present, but Sawako indulges him. As expected, she had a really depressing childhood but it's okay because she's just the kind of person who can pretty much deal with anything that gets handed her way. She's awesome. Kazehaya thinks so, too.

And the episode ends with Sawako thinking that her entire life changed the year she met Kazehaya.


So...cute. And also, kind of annoying. Ack! Like tell him already! Or tell her! My god, watching these two, I know exactly how Ayane feels.
And now, I'm really sorry but I can't see the next episode until next, next week because, well, if you're Catholic, you'd know. Holy Week. I ban myself from computers during that period, out of respect. I'll post again when I get back.This also means that I can't blog Armed Librarians 26. For shame. I was ever so looking forward to it. T_____T
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