Friday, March 5, 2010

Durarara!! 8, SoRaNoWoTo 09

Durarara!! 08: Transient Dream

Celty has a rare day-off and decides to spend it cooking for Shinra, who has also taken a voluntary day-off in order to be with her. But the happy occasion abruptly ends with a tiff over the food. Celty storms out of the house and meets Shizuo, who helps her cool off. Meanwhile, Shinra is called back to work by his bosses at the Yamagiri Pharmaceuticals to treat a guy who tried to bomb the place. Meanwhile, Mikado helps Anri, a victim of a school prank, look for her shoes while Erika loses track of Walker. A strange foreign girl asks the two of them to write on her notebook whatever it is they are looking for. At the end of the day, Erika reunites with Walker, Shinra with Celty and Mikado finding Anri's shoes and giving it to her.


The most important reveal in this episode is the location of Celty's head. I have to say that I've always mildly suspected it would be the girl with the scar because if you watch the opening clip (and I've watched it each time), there is a scene there where Celty on her bike passes right by this girl and she turns around and the moment sort of freezes the way it does when characters are being introduced. But instead of the character's name appearing, it never does. So I thought, hmm. Of course, that means that the head in Yamagiri Pharmaceuticals' possession is that which belongs to Anri's friend what's-her-name.

Anyway, despite there being only one reveal in this episode, this is still a very interesting and entertaining one. I really like the whole concept of people, no matter how far apart they are or how they are really unacquainted with each other, may still be connected with each other in one way or another. It's the same concept employed in Baccano!, but in Durarara!! it's become the real focus.

SoRaNoWoTo 09: Passing of the Typhoon - False and Real Images

After hanging up on her father, Rio is more out of it than usual that the younger girls even start to notice. Later a typhoon sweeps over the land, bringing Yumina knocking at their door to ask for their help in looking for Seiya. The courier Claus, who is there to deliver a message to Rio from her father, also helps. He gets partnered with his no. 1 fan, Kureha, and both of them end up finding Seiya. But with the river rapidly rising and the cliff they are on in danger of eroding, a safe rescue is a challenge. Good thing Noel comes up with the idea to use the Takemikazuchi to get Kureha and Claus into a safe zone. While waiting for their comrades, Claus has an opportunity to prove his mettle to Kureha even as Kureha discovers at the same time that he is not the same Claus, the Desert Wolf, that she has been idolizing.


A nice little episode that's heavy on the message of the difference between what is ideal and what is true and how that difference can be virtually erased when faced against real situations.

Still more hints on Rio's backstory. I don't know when exactly the anime will finally decide to tackle that. I guess with the peace conferences verging on collapse, we won't have to wait too long. Meanwhile, I am enjoying this subtle character developments going on each episode.