Saturday, March 6, 2010

Armed Librarians 21-22: Of Conviction and Goodbyes

This series is actually starting to get good.
EPISODE 21: Enmity, Azure and the Lady of the Straw Rope
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians - The Book of Bantorra 21

Ismo Republic brings the war to the coastline of Bantorra Island, giving the armed librarians very little ground to fight back. In a last ditched effort to prevent the enemy from making land, Hamyuts and Iriea deploy themselves right in the middle of the battle. Meanwhile, Enlike discovers that Noloty died while out on a lone mission to hunt down and kill Arkit, said to be responsible for spreading the Cerulean disease. Arkit, however, turned out to be a kid and instead of killing him, Noloty decided to save him. Not only that, she also allowed him to lead her to the location of Kachua, the Governor of Paradise, despite knowing that he would kill them both for seeking him out. Back in Bantorra Library, Mince arrives to tell Milepoch that their enemies have all been infected with the Cerulean disease, leading them to hate the armed librarians. At that same moment, Ireia encounters a crowd of villagers, not knowing that they, too, have been infected with the disease. Their numbers overwhelm her and the old woman, the third strongest armed librarian, at last falls. With Iriea's death, Hamyuts really has no choice now but to use the one ace on left on her sleeve: Ylucklucu. The weapon creates a barrier around Bantorra Library, preventing any outside forces from getting in but it's only a matter of time before the barrier waits. Further away, Kachua watches the whole proceedings with quiet anticipation.

EPISODE 22: The Sky, a Conclusion and Her World
More Screencaps from Armed Librarians - The Book of Bantorra 22

With Ismo Republic's entire military power right at their doorstep and Ylucklucu's barrier about to run out, the remaining armed librarians look to their Acting Director for hope. Hamyuts has none to offer. Instead, she tells them they have no choice but to fight their way out. Meanwhile, Enlike finds out more about the events leading to Noloty's death: how Kachua came to see her and told her to kill Arkit. But again, Noloty chose to spare Arkit's life and in exchange Arkit knocked her unconscious. Later, Doltum, the same armed librarian who killed Vizac, found Noloty and brought her back to Arkit. But he did it only to kill her right in front of Arkit, thus, triggering the boy's deep hatred for all armed librarians. Back in Bantorra, a war-crazed Hamyuts takes down an entire battalion of tanks, but more are still coming. She takes a hit and falls but Matt saves her. He tells her to withdraw to no avail as he belatedly realizes that Hamyuts has wanted to die all along and become a book. Somewhere else, Enlike finds Kachua's hideout and prepares to take him out, only to find out that he is protected by Ylucklucu's barrier. He takes a lot of damage before he starts to use his magic abilities to create lightning inside the barrier by controlling the weather. He succeeds in killing Kachua and then he gives Arkit Noloty's book to show him that 'til the end Noloty never hated Arkit. Once Arkit sees this, his hatred disappears and the effects of the Cerulean disease disappears as well, leaving the formerly infected people dazed and confused while Lascall Othello watches over them from a distance.


I must admit that this series has really come together now. All the seemingly unconnected events of the past episodes have culminated in this one astounding climax. For a minute there, I really thought they were going to kill Hamyuts in Episode 22. Good thing they didn't. But with four more episodes left, I think there's more than enough time to kill a bunch more people. It should come as no surprise since this series has absolutely no qualms in killing major characters.