Friday, April 9, 2010

Durarara!! 12: Wait a sec, WHAT?!

Oh shi - !! I was WRONG, SO TOTALLY WRONG. Dang it.
EPISODE 12: Everything is Interconnected

Selty blocks the knife in Seiji's hand in time to save Mikado. But before Selty could kill Seiji, Mika shouts for her to stop and then throws herself in front of Seiji. Mikado then realizes that Mika is still the same Harima Mika as before except that her face has somehow been altered to make it look like Selty's. Mika then reveals that it was Namie's idea for Mika to undergo cosmetic surgery. The experiment is not finished as Namie has said that they need to administer drugs in order to make Mika forget her real memories.

Knowing that there is only person who knows her name and about her real nature as a dullahan, Selty leaves the area to go home. When she arrives, Shinra is waiting for her and answers all her questions before she can even ask them. He says that he did it all because he loves her and doesn't want to lose her. He adds that he is willing to use anything and anyone, including Selty, to keep her by his side. Selty argues that even when her head is restored, she would never leave him but Shinra doesn't believe this. He says that they don't know what will happen once Selty has her head back. He supposes that the reason Selty is able to appear before him like this might be because she has lost her head. Defeated, Selty admits that she, too, is afraid. She says that her body cannot be killed but the core of her being is her head and that if something were to happen to it, she would be harmed or worse, die. She doesn't anyone to have the means with which to kill her.

Meanwhile, back at the Ikebukuro crossing, Izaya tells Mikado that he won't sell his identity as the founder of Dollars. Shizuo finds him then and just before he flees, Izaya reveals that he knows Mikado as Tanaka Tarou from the chatroom. The next day, Kida is all a-ravin' about the event of the past night while Mikado acts like he doesn't know anything about it. Seiji and Mika come over to Mikado's seat to thank him. Mika and Anri catch each other's eyes but they don't speak. Fresh from his success last night, Mikado feels his confidence boosted and resolves to ask Anri out, only to be rebuffed, but she does invite him to eat lunch together.

In another meanwhile, Namie is revealed to be hiding out in Izaya's office. It appears that as payment for his silence, Namie has given him Selty's head. Izaya thinks this is all very laughable that Selty's head is with the same group in which Selty is also a member. Izaya then reveals that he was the member responsible for recruiting more people to the group.


Plot twist! Clever. But now I feel like a fool. Still, I was right about Shinra being in trouble, but I underestimated Selty's feelings for him. She forgave him, just like that. Amazing. Izaya, you evil man. *grins*